Food Journal [Day 5]

As I've been documenting my eating and sleep habits for the past several days I've been actively trying to ignore what I'm writing.  I'm trying to just write it down and then forget about it so that I can look at the week as a whole once it's finished.  I am aware that other people are reading it all though and that's been at the front of my mind a few of the times that I didn't have dessert.  Ha ha!  Peer pressure, imagined or real, is definitely something that holds some power.

Food Journal Day 5
7:00am - wake up (7 hours of sleep)
8:00am - black coffee
10:30am - glass of water

11:30am - gigantic bowl of bean and greens soup (leftovers), glass of water
3:30pm - mixed nuts,  cup of tea

4:00pm - fried rice (leftover rice, carrots, egg), water
6:00pm - beer

8:30pm - steak, guacamole, baked potato with butter and cheddar cheese, water
10:00pm - ice cream
12:30am - water, vitamin, sleep

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