Food Journal [Day 3]

This was a weekend day when both Steve and I were home together.  It was also a snow day so poor Steve spent time shoveling and the cat spent the day freaking out while giant blobs of snow fell off the roof and off of trees.  The soup I made took a few hours to be done and it was totally worth it.  I made a huge pot and we'll be eating it for weeks!

Food Journal Day 3
8:45am - wake up (about 9 hours)
10:30am - black coffee
11:30am - cup of smoothie leftover from yesterday
12:30pm - 2 egg omelet (farm eggs) with green peppers, tomatoes and cheddar cheese, glass of water

4:00pm - cup of tea, 4 fig newtons
8:00pm - white bean and garlic soup with greens, swiss cheese, sprouted grain bread and butter, glass of water
11:30pm - sleep

Did you do any big cooking projects this weekend?
:) Alice


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    1. OMG It totally is! I want to make everything in that book! :) Thanks!

  2. Girl, you're motivating me to eat healthier ! :)