Food Journal [Day 2]

Welcome to Day 2 of my food journal week!  (In case you missed it: Day 1)

Food Journal Day 2:
9:00am - wake up (about 8 hours of sleep)
10:00am - black coffee, glass of water, homemade granola with almond milk

12:00pm - earl grey tea
2:00pm - peppermint tea, sandwich: turkey, fig and cheddar on wheat

4:00-4:30pm - nap (super rare that I nap but I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold)
5:00pm - glass of water
6:00pm - crackers, hummus and mozzarella, glass of water

7:00pm - PB & J Smoothie
9:30pm - whole wheat linguine with Parmesan cheese, glass of water, vitamin
11:30pm - sleep

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