White Christmas Tree


Our Christmas tree has arrived!  I love it so much!  We decided to go with a small, fake tree this year and put it in our bedroom.  I was thisclose to getting a blue tree but lost my nerve and went with a 4' tall white one because I think I'm more likely to use it again in the future.

We ordered our Christmas tree from Treetopia.  We stumbled upon their website while searching for different colored trees.  They have so many cool trees.  You can get just about any size and shape and color and then they also have some crazy trees.  I thought about getting the red and white striped one.  I mean seriously, a Christmas tree that looks like peppermint?!  Actually, I want to buy all of their trees.  I'm obsessed.

I think my star looks a little funny on top because it's so large and the tree is so small.  But I wasn't about to go buy new ornaments.  Normally I get a big tree and put tons of ornaments on it.  This time I wanted to try to edit it a little more.  I used anything silver, gold, pink and red with a teeny bit of green here and there just to help tie in my tree skirt.  I think it came out pretty well. :)


This is what it looks like in daylight (with the lights turned off).


If you celebrate Christmas and put up a tree how do you decorate it?  Do you stick to a theme or do you put up every ornament you've ever laid eyes on?


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    1. Thanks! I love it and it's kind of fun to use a Christmas tree for bedtime reading instead of a lamp. Ha ha!

  2. Awww.. it's so cute and tiny ! I've never had a white Christmas tree, it looks great ! :)

    1. This is my first non-green tree. I'm hooked. I want a tree in every color to match every room in my house. Ha ha!