What I Wore This Week [12.26.14]

Welcome to the final installment of the weekly outfit series I've been doing all month!  If you're jumping in here, you can find the previous posts in this series in the following links:

Outfit No. 1

I wore this to go shopping at the mall with my grandma.  The white collared shirt is actually a sheer sleeveless top with cutouts but it works in the winter as a layer under the warmer sweater.  The sweater is from H&M.  On the bottom I wore my dark skinny jeans rolled up a little but still kind of tucked into my boots, which are from Call It Spring.

Outfit No. 2

I wore this for a night out (in - at their house) with friends.  I don't remember the name of the store where I got my knee high black boots but I really like them because they have black hardware and therefore have a really casual look to them.  My dark purple pants are the skinny low waist ones from H&M.  I layered a basic black tank under a gray cardigan with ruffles and sparkly buttons.  Both of those came from Target.  I wore black earrings and put my hair in a low ponytail.  I did an OOTD video for this outfit the other day as well so check it out if you'd like makeup details.

Outfit No. 3

I pulled out some ancient flare jeans!  These came from Target and so did the gray and yellow striped sweater.  The tank peeking out from underneath is actually pale yellow and is from....Target!  Ha ha!  All of these things are a million years old.  I wore my brown boots from Call It Spring again because it was raining.  The woven green scarf was a Christmas present from my mom last year.  I wore it in the house for most of the day because even with the heat on, these rainy December days are still chilly.  PLUS, this was the first official day of Winter!

Outfit No. 4

More rain today plus scrambling to get stuff done for Christmas plus being on vacation and sleeping in meant one thing for me: comfy jeans.  These are just old boot cut jeans...I keep clothes forever.  The sweater is newer from H&M this year and my socks are light pink with gray snowflakes on them.  But you probably can't see that.  Don't mind the laundry drying in the background of this photo.  With the tree in our bedroom and the mirror sitting in the middle of the office we're kind of pressed for space for these things!

Outfit No. 5

On Christmas Eve I wore all black!  I know...soooo festive.  Ha ha!  I wore a waterfall cardigan over a v-neck top.  My leggings were from Zara and I wore my knee-high black boots again.  To get a little color into the outfit I wore a pink and blue scarf that has some sparkly metallic thread in it.  I also wore a pretty bold lip which I wrote about yesterday.


  1. Great outfits, I like the first one!


    1. Aw, thank you! That sweater from H&M comes in a few colors. I totally want a whole stack of them! :)