What I Wore This Week [12.19.14]

Welcome to the newest installment of my weekly outfit series.  I started wearing Christmas socks and tried to get a little color and variety into my wardrobe while still staying warm.

Outfit No. 1

This is what I wore to a family party last weekend.  The top is just a basic long sleeved tee with a slight scoop neck from Ann Taylor.  I wore my dark blue skinny jeans, navy socks and silver flats.  The sweater is an over-sized vest that ties closed.  It's really thick and cozy.

Outfit No. 2

Another cozy sweater...I feel like this is all I've been wearing lately.  I bought this sweater from H&M in early Autumn this year.  These socks go all the way up to my knees by the way.  I think that they look like Christmas ornaments. :)

Outfit No. 3

This was what I wore to go Christmas shopping on Wednesday.  The white top is actually the same as the blue one from Outfit No. 1, just in a different color.  My sweater has the biggest turtleneck ever.  It's so huge that it makes it annoying to wear my hair down but I like it because I don't need to wear a scarf when I go out.  I wore my dark skinny jeans again....I just like them.

Outfit No. 4

I'm wearing different pant here!  Ha ha!  This feels like an outfit for warmer weather but I needed a change from just pants and a huge sweater.  I layered a tank top under a gray tee (with a sword wielding lion on it) under my Airport Greeting Cardigan from ModCloth.  My pointy flats are about 100 years old from Target.  They are navy and gray plaid flannel and the fabric has worn off the fronts but that's just from love.  And maybe a city full of brick sidewalks.

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