What I Wore This Week [12.12.14]

Welcome to Week Three of my Outfits of the Week Series.  I'm posting what I wear each week on Fridays during the month of December.  If you'd like to see the posts from the previous two weeks you can find them here: OOTW 1, OOTW 2

Outfit No. 1

I love this sweater from H&M.   It's almost the same exact outfit as this one but I wore black jeans this time instead of dark blue.

Outfit No. 2

To stay warm on a super rainy gross day I layered a thin gray knit top and a cozy knit poncho.  My mom made the poncho for me a few years ago and I love it because it totally doubles as a blanket!  I wore my dark blue skinny jeans and black ankle boots from Payless.

Outfit No. 3

I realized, through doing these weekly posts, that I pretty much just wear my dark blue skinny jeans and my black jeans over and over and over again.  Ha ha!  So for this outfit I broke out my super skinny jeans from H&M.  These are a dark purple or eggplant color.  I wore a basic black tee from Target and a black waterfall cardigan from Loft (old).  I also wore the same black ankle boots from the previous outfit.

Outfit No. 4

Back to dark blue on the bottom!  But this time I wore a dark gray turtleneck from Target and my favorite sweater ever!  It's a cape that I bought at a second hand store two years ago.  It's got pockets and it's like a vest with an attached cape.  It's so warm!  I don't feel like a mirror selfie can really do it justice so I did spin around a little on camera and included it in today's Vlogmas video, if you're interested. :)


  1. Your scarf is beautiful! xx

    1. Thank you! I felt like it added some much needed color into my very dark outfit.