Tasty Tuesday: What I Ate Today 11.4.14

Today I just couldn't deal with cooking very much or even assembling any meals.  Luckily, I had made muffins over the weekend and Dunkin Donuts exists.  Ha ha!  I did cook dinner but other than that, this was a very lazy Tasty Tuesday.  :)


breakfast, Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate Today

Muffins!  I made these blueberry and walnut muffins on Sunday.  I also had a glass of water.


What I Ate Today, Tasty Tuesday

There's the coffee!  I got an egg and cheese sandwich on a sesame bagel from Dunkin Donuts.  Not the healthiest but it sure does fill you up!


What I Ate Today, Tasty Tuesday, healthy, dinner, supper

I made pollack, kale and quinoa.  I cooked the fish in butter and lemon and then wilted the kale in the same pan for a couple minutes after I put the fish on the plates.  I added chopped almonds and carrots to the quinoa, which I cooked in chicken stock and then I put some cheddar cheese on top.

Late Night Snack:

goldfish crackers, snack, healthy, www.alicemanfrida.com

Steve and I shared a bowl of Goldfish and apple slices.  The apples were from his mom.  She has a dehydrator so they are just apples with cinnamon on them.

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