Tasty Tuesday [What I Ate - 11.25.14]


omelet, toast, coffee

I've been making omelets lately.  This one was not my most beautiful but I've gotten pretty good at the tri-fold.  Ha ha!  I just mixed up the eggs with salt, pepper and some thyme in a bowl.  Then poured that into the pan with some olive oil.  Inside I put shredded cheddar cheese and chopped up green onions. I also had a piece of toast with butter and apricot jam...and of course my obligatory cup of black coffee.


Brita, snack, lunch

OK, this looks a little sad.  It's graham crackers and peanut butter and some raisins.  I also had my Brita water bottle, which has a filter.  Boston city water is obviously perfect but I'm paranoid and don't always trust that the pipes aren't crumbling in some of the old buildings so I drag this thing around with me all the time to refill throughout the day.


blueberry kefir, probiotic

healthy snack

I had some blueberry flavored kefir when I got home and then had some raw carrots while I waited for supper to be done.  The dip is just a little ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together.


supper, dinner, lazy supper

Pizza!  This was a supreme pizza but it only had pepperoni, sausage, and peppers on it.  It was thin crust and yummy, though.


For dessert I had some ice cream and I split a brownie with Steve.  No pictures because I forgot.  I washed all that down with another glass of water.

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