Weekend Recap: Cocktail Party and Nail Painting



We went to a cocktail party on Saturday night.  I took this excellent blurry selfie on my way out the door.  :)


This was my date.  Obvs. <3


grilled cheese, lentil soup, dinner

Sunday night was more relaxed.  After being out super late the night before Steve and I were both kind of tired.  I made grilled cheese sandwiches and a can of lentil soup for supper and then we had graham cracker and frosting sandwiches for dessert.

Then I painted my nails and told the internet all about it on Twitter and Instagram.  If you aren't already following me on either of those you are missing out on so many things that I read and see and think all day long.  (My Instagram miiiiight be a little saturated with Stella pictures these days...)

SinfulColors, WetnWild, nailpolish, purple, glitter, hallucinate, Fiji,nails, manicure, AliceManfrida, Alice Manfrida

In case you are wondering, the purple color is Sinful Colors in the color 214 Fiji and then I put Wet n Wild 469 Hallucinate on top.  I'm feeling festive for Halloween.

How was your weekend?

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