Tasty Tuesday: I'm So Cold!

I just placed an order for groceries and it should come early tomorrow morning.  In the meantime I'm still standing here in my kitchen in the sun because it's a little warmer than anywhere else with a plug for my laptop which was about to die.

I'm also using the oven to add a little heat to the house.  My lunch today (also yesterday) is a baked potato.  This is a really good lunch to make when it's cold because it bakes at 400°F for an entire hour!

Usually I really do make pretty healthy baked potatoes.  Kale, onions, and mushrooms are really good to put on top of the potato to make it an actual meal.  But as I said, I just made an order for groceries so my only options were butter and cheddar cheese.
Bummer.  Ha ha ha!

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