Ski Sweater OOTD

The season has really set in here.  It's another cloudy, drizzling day in Boston.  More and more leaves have changed colors, the wind has started blowing them down and now they are wet and beginning to clog the gutters.  :)  It can be a little annoying but it's pretty and I'll take it over a sweltering summer day anytime!

H&M, jacquard-knit sweater, ootd

Today I've got some apple scented candles burning and have been running through a million cups of tea.  I've set up my computer on the dining room table so I can hang out with Stella.  She's adjusting to our house pretty well, but she's definitely not allowed upstairs in the office for very long.  She got in there for a couple of minutes while I was drying my hair this morning and pulled down half of my closet (because that's in the office and doesn't have a door on it).  Oh, kitty. :)

ootd, H&M, jacquard-knit sweater, light gray

Today I'm wearing a cozy Jacquard-knit Sweater from H&M.  It's like a ski sweater but with pretty colors and it's not very heavy so it's perfect for this time of year when it's starting to get chilly but not enough to turn the heat on.

dark skinny jeans, ski sweater, cozy, warm, autumn, ootd

ootd, ski sweater, skinny jeans, autumn, cloudy day

I'm also wearing my dark blue skinny jeans and really thick socks.

Stella, StellaKitty, tuxedo cat, black and white cat, interruption

I also have a wiggly cat who keeps getting comfortable and then standing up and changing position and laying down again...in my lap.


  1. I love that sweater! Stella is so cute! Take care <3

    1. Thanks, Nicole! (Stella says thank you, as well.)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Always appreciate it. :)

  2. That sweater is really cute ! And Stella is adorable.. you're gonna have so much fun together ! :)

    1. She's turned out to be pretty good company. :)

  3. This sweater is co cute, I love it!:)