Peapod Grocery Delivery

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to try getting groceries delivered.  I have been thinking about this for weeks in anticipation of winter.  I was tweeting about it.  I even told the Jehovah's Witnesses about my plan to order my groceries online when they came to the door one day last week.  I've had a one track mind.

It's so awesome!!!

Ease:  It is easy to search for items and brands.  A list pops up and most things have pictures.  You can click on items to read the nutrition label and you can see what the substitute product is in the event that your first choice brand is out of stock.  You can uncheck the substitute option, by the way.  I like that you can sort by price, price per unit, and by specials, along with a ton of other sorting categories.  It keeps a running list with the current savings and total price on the side of the screen and then you can still go back and review your whole list and change quantities or delete items really easily.

Cost:  I had to spend a minimum of $60 to get it delivered.  This was no problem as the lack of grocery store trips lately has left our cupboards pretty bare.  There is also a fuel fee.  I assume this would change based on where you live and the current price of gas???  I don't actually know since I've only done this once.  But an order of over $100 drops the fee down and there are also certain times that you can choose for delivery that are a little cheaper.  These are longer chunks of time that you can choose (for example a 5 hour span of time instead of a 2 hour span).  They will take $1 or $2 off the delivery fee and then they'll do the most economical (for their gas and mileage) route to everyone who chooses that block of time.  So you might be at the beginning of the route or the end.  It doesn't seem like a bad deal if you choose a day that you'll be at home anyway.  Even only looking at the math and not factoring in the convenience, the bus ends up costing about the same because I can't carry as much and have to go more frequently and can't always take advantage of sales (on heavy things) and getting a zipcar is a little more expensive.

Delivery:  I ordered early yesterday afternoon.  The cutoff for next day delivery was 3pm so I ended up choosing 7am-9am this morning as my delivery time.  I wanted to choose one of the green economy times to shave off another couple of dollars but it didn't work out with my schedule for the week and we really needed the food ASAP.  I suffered through waking up early and they ended up coming at 7:02am.  The delivery guy was super nice and by 7:30 I had everything unpacked and put away.  I ended up having a really productive morning and now I also have full cupboards and a full refrigerator!

If you have thought of doing this but weren't sure, I think it's definitely worth it, at least once to try out.  It also seemed like you can place an order for pickup but that might just be at certain stores.  I'm going  to do it again.


  1. OMG, if we had this option here where I live you can bet everything I would do it ! When I was living in Europe getting your groceries online was a complete life saver because I didn't have a car there (of course) and my back was already killing me from going up and down the hill with groceries..

    1. I KNOW! I live at the complete top of a super steep hill. haha I get plenty of exercise and feel like I don't need the added strain of being a grocery pack mule. I literally can't stop talking about how awesome it is! :)

  2. Perfect solution for all of us who are a bit lazy when it comes to grocery shopping.

    1. Totally. I also think it makes grocery shopping so streamlined and efficient and then you can spend your time doing other important chores.