Nails: Rose Gold Glitter

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There is nothing like glitter to mask imperfections on your nails.

My nails have been splitting a lot lately.  It's probably from the change in weather combined with hand washing, dishes doing, etc.  Anyway, I cut them all pretty short to try to  get rid of as much of the peeled off parts as I could and I've been using cuticle oil and hand creme way more religiously to try to prevent it from happening again.

Milani 02A A Rose Mylady and deborah lippmann Baby I'm A Star, glitter

Milani - A Rose Mylady 02A
deborah lippman - Baby I'm A Star

This dusty ballet pink is practically a nude and as it starts to wear off at the tips of my nails it doesn't really show.  Add to that the glitter and it's like a manicure optical illusion.  The pictures were taken on day two and this is day four.  Now it's starting to chip but I'm going to ride it out because it still kind of looks pretty.

sparkle, rose gold, gold, pink, nails, nail polish, manicure, Milani,deborah lippmann

As I have probably said before, and will most likely say again, Deborah Lippmann does great polishes.  This one is a clear polish full of tiny gold glitter and then both medium and large rose gold pieces.  Honestly I have probably put both of these polishes in a blog post before but I really like them so if it all seems familiar, just bear with me.  I haven't done a straight up nail polish post in a while.  I just kept looking at my nails and shoving them in Steve's face exclaiming, "You can barely see how chipped it is!  It's so pretty!"

And there you have it.  The Manfrida house is full of pretty nails and riveting conversation.
;) Ha ha!

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