Cozy Gray Sweater

I'm so warm right now!  Hooray for giant sweaters!

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This Textured-Knit Sweater from H&M is soft and warm and cozy.  I love it.

sweater, H&M, gray, texture, sweater weather, cozy, warm, OOTD, outfit of the day

I will say that it has a pretty small neckline.  It's stretchy so I don't feel like I'm being choked or anything like that but I typically go for a looser neckline.  I never know what size to get at H&M in anything.  This is a size 8 and I had wanted to try a 6, just in case it was better.  All of the size 6 sweaters had previously been tried on by someone gross who got foundation and lipstick on every. single. one.  So since the 8 fit I just got that.  But now I'm glad because I'm thinking the 6 might have been a little too annoying at the collar.  If you end up getting this sweater and happen to be ordering online, you might want to keep that in mind.

H&M, texture, knits, sweater, jumper, gray, cozy, warm, oversized

I really like how the sleeves drop off the shoulders.  What is that called when the shoulder seam drops down like that?  Whatever, I like that in a bulky sweater.  Ha ha!

I'm also wearing these awesome flats today.  They are just a little bit shiny so they are kind of a silvery gray color.  They have a thick sole and the insoles are so supportive.  I actually have these same shoes in black.  They are seriously a must if you are on your feet all the time (hello, city dwellers and teachers!) because they don't completely destroy your feet and ankles and they don't look frumpy.  I bought them last Fall at Payless so I'm not sure if they still exist but this brand does a lot of styles.  If you're interested you can browse them here.

H&M, skinny low waist jeans, purple, textured-knit sweater, gray, autumn, warm

I recently rediscovered my egglplant colored skinny low waist jeans.  These were my favorite last winter but because of a knee injury I couldn't wear them the most of this year.  My knee was literally swollen to the point that even my not so skinny jeans didn't fit over it.  I like these because they are about as comfortable as leggings.  When I got dressed this morning I didn't mean to be an H&M catalog model but it's fine.  When I was in college I think that 85% of my wardrobe came from H&M.  (Similar pants here.)

Happy Friday! :)