Late Night Chicken

Last night I cooked a chicken and it came out really well.  It's only the second whole chicken I've ever made and both times we just stood at the counter and ate it mostly with our hands.  The Manfridas of Boston are incredibly civilized.

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Casual Wednesday: Black and Gray

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I don't think I'll ever be sick of wearing this cardigan.  Sorry if you are all sick of seeing me wear it but it really is so great  Ha ha!


Tasty Tuesday: Back to Oatmeal


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I made oatmeal!  I had been eating it every single day but once the super hot summer days hit I was just not in the mood.  But it was Sunday so I made a giant pot of it to split with Steve.  I made it with apple, cinnamon, raisins, and walnuts.  I put a little extra almond milk and some blackstrap molasses in mine.


Brunch, Dinner and a Cat

Steve and I went out for coffee and omelets on Saturday morning.


Shrimp Pesto Recipe

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Shrimp Pesto

I read Michele's post about eating breakfast for lunch the other day while I was thinking about what to make for supper.  She used pesto in her meal and since I was hungry.... Luckily I remembered that I recently bought pesto.  This is what I came up with.  Thanks for the food inspiration, Michele! :)


Skincare for Dry Itchy Skin

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Dry skin.  Everyone gets a little dried out as winter sets in but I deal with this all year long.  I'm constantly itchy, even in the summer.  I swear sometime I feel like I'm allergic to air.  It's ridiculous.  I thought I'd share the products I use and some tips I have for dealing with dry, itchy and sensitive skin.  It might still be a little early in the season to be talking about this but it's all about prevention, people!


Tasty Tuesday: Lasagna Takes Forever


Cheerios, banana, black coffee, Tasty Tuesday

I had a bowl of Cheerios with almond milk and a whole banana.  And as always, I had a cup of black coffee.


Weekend Recap: Cocktail Party and Nail Painting



We went to a cocktail party on Saturday night.  I took this excellent blurry selfie on my way out the door.  :)


Beef Stew Recipe

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A big pot of beef stew cooking away on the stove smells so good!  With the windows closed to keep out the cold, the entire house just fills up with the scent and it feels all warm and cozy.


OOTD Back to Warm Weather

I pulled out my flip flops again today for what was probably their last hurrah until Spring.  Steve was home today so we went out for brunch and then did a couple of errands.  It was so sunny and warm that we decided to go for a walk and of course ended up at the park to hang around with our coffees.  We figured we couldn't pass up the opportunity since it's unlikely that the weather will be this nice on a day that we are both home again for a looooong time.


The Fall Tag


I saw that Tanya from Tarte Tanya did The Fall Tag and she didn't tag anyone, so I've tagged myself.  Ha ha!  That's how so many people do these kinds of tags anyway.  If you want to see Tanya's answers about her favorite Fall things then you can find the post she did here.


Peapod Grocery Delivery

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to try getting groceries delivered.  I have been thinking about this for weeks in anticipation of winter.  I was tweeting about it.  I even told the Jehovah's Witnesses about my plan to order my groceries online when they came to the door one day last week.  I've had a one track mind.

It's so awesome!!!


Tasty Tuesday: I'm So Cold!

I just placed an order for groceries and it should come early tomorrow morning.  In the meantime I'm still standing here in my kitchen in the sun because it's a little warmer than anywhere else with a plug for my laptop which was about to die.


Weekend Recap 10.13.14


I really needed the weekend to hurry up and start after a really fun morning of discovering that the cat threw up right down into the heat vent that is in the kitchen floor.  I have been annoyed since moving in here that anyone ever thought it was a good idea to install a vent in the floor of a kitchen in the first place.  So I was really excited about that...not.  Then I worked all day.  Luckily my brilliant sister sent me a text inviting me to hang out with her.  So I did.  I don't know what says relaxing Friday night than beer with your sister surrounded by taxidermy in a dusky bar.  Nothing.  Nothing else does.  :)


Cauliflower Mash Recipe

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As an alternative to mashed potatoes, cauliflower is a good choice.  It's kind of bland on it's own, which makes it easy to add into dishes with bold flavors.  I made mine really super garlicky but you can do whatever you like.  This is a multi-step side dish and you can make a lot at once and either feed a lot of people or use it for leftovers.


Cozy Gray Sweater

I'm so warm right now!  Hooray for giant sweaters!

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This Textured-Knit Sweater from H&M is soft and warm and cozy.  I love it.


Drugstore Lipstick Haul

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I needed to buy face soap and even had a coupon so I headed over to CVS to pick some up.  The face soap and the makeup are in the same aisle and so I started looking at the lipsticks.  I ended up buy six.  SIX!  A couple of them were super cheap and since I got so many I thought I'd do a haul post.  I'll start with the least expensive and work my way up.


Nails: Rose Gold Glitter

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There is nothing like glitter to mask imperfections on your nails.


Tasty Tuesday: What I Ate 10.7.14


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I've been kind of lazy about breakfasts lately.  Today I just had a bowl of cheerios with almond milk.  I had my normal black coffee and a glass of water.  I'm really trying to drink more water in the hopes that I can avoid super dry skin this winter.  We'll see how that works out.

Weekend Recap: Good Weather

The weather was so nice this weekend!  I felt like I hadn't been outside in days with all the cloudy, cold and rainy weather we had last week.  Sunday was one of those perfect Fall days with a super blue sky and pretty leaves.


Alice Cooks: Just Kidding!

I've been writing this blog for a full six months now!  Since I usually do a recipe post on Saturdays I was going to make some celebratory frosting for graham cracker sandwiches.  But then we invited friends over for drinks. And then we ordered Thai food.  Sooo...


Ski Sweater OOTD

The season has really set in here.  It's another cloudy, drizzling day in Boston.  More and more leaves have changed colors, the wind has started blowing them down and now they are wet and beginning to clog the gutters.  :)  It can be a little annoying but it's pretty and I'll take it over a sweltering summer day anytime!

H&M, jacquard-knit sweater, ootd

Today I've got some apple scented candles burning and have been running through a million cups of tea.  I've set up my computer on the dining room table so I can hang out with Stella.  She's adjusting to our house pretty well, but she's definitely not allowed upstairs in the office for very long.  She got in there for a couple of minutes while I was drying my hair this morning and pulled down half of my closet (because that's in the office and doesn't have a door on it).  Oh, kitty. :)


Tasty Tuesday 7.29.14

Tasty Tuesday?? But it's Wednesday!  I got distracted by my kitty who arrived last night.  I put pictures of her up on Instagram and Twitter, if you're interested.  My dad dropped her off around 7pm and we got her all set up.  She found the litter box and and spent a few hours rubbing herself on literally every single thing in the entire house.  We shut her out of the office and bedroom (which are connected) for the night so I was wondering how she would do overnight by herself in a new place after being used to living with a bunch of people and other cats for the last couple of years.  She was fine.  Duh.

Anyway, here's my Tasty Tuesday post: