Weekend in the City

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I actually did weekend activities this weekend!

It's been a while.  August was busy.

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On Saturday I spent the day roaming around the city with my dad.  I had to stop at Lush because I'm almost out of moisturizer.  I use their Vanishing Cream and I can't say enough great things about it.  It smells good and it's not too heavy.  It is one of their more pricey options but you need such a tiny amount that it lasts long enough to make it worth it to me.  Plus, I'd rather spend more on the product I use every day directly on my skin and know it's full of good ingredients.

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I noticed that some of the trees are starting to act like the season is about to change.  Can you see a few tiny leaves on the ground?  I can!  Friday was the first day that I noticed that the air smells different.

We headed over to Cambridge to go to The Druid for dinner and drinks.  We parked 7 million miles away from The Druid so we shopped our way down the street.  I got a book, new sunglasses and a pair of slippers.  (Look out for a clothes haul in the next few weeks.)

fish-and-chips, newspaper

Everyone got fish and chips to eat and The Druid ties the newspaper in a bow!  It was kind of a pain with three plates of newspaper on the table but I just dumped a bunch of malt vinegar on my fries and chowed down. :)

On Sunday evening, Steve and I ran a few errands and then stopped for a pineapple quesadilla.  We shared because we were trying to keep it a snack.

Then we went to the park to soak in some fresh air and read.  We ended up not reading and instead just lounged in the setting sun.  I took some really great pictures...especially this prize-winning selfie, which you may have seen, if you follow me on instagram.  I post food and outfit pics on there if you're interested.  I also use it to crack myself up so there are lots of silly hashtags. :)

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