Tasty Tuesday: Weekly Food Prep

Cooking all of the time can be really annoying.  I happen to have fairly relaxed mornings and am able to make myself hearty breakfasts of oatmeal or eggs or whatever I want.  A lot of people don't have that kind of time at the start of their day.  On the flip side, Steve and I often don't even start cooking dinner until at least 9:30pm and there are plenty of nights that I get home even later than that and barely want to eat, let alone cook.  (That's another reason for the gigantic breakfasts.)

One thing that I do most of the time is get food ready in advance.  If veggies are already washed and cut up, it's easier to use them.  Honestly, I wish I did this more.  Ha ha!

The minimum I almost always do is wash and cut up kale, or whatever greens I happen to have in a given week.  And by "cut up" I mean rip up because why have one more knife to wash if you don't need to?  It all goes in a giant bowl in the fridge and then we can easily throw a handful into eggs or tomato sauce or whatever.

Speaking of eggs....

Hard boiling a bunch of eggs at the beginning of the week is the second easiest thing ever and they are good for when you can't eat breakfast at home.

The first easiest thing is to go to Trader Joe's where you can buy a resealable bag of 6 already peeled hard boiled eggs.  I like to call them "Lazy Girl Eggs" and they are awesome.

When I used to have a terrible and long commute, and therefore way less time in my life, I tried to cut up carrots and peppers and bag them up so I could just grab a bag and go every day.  But that was way more work than I could make myself do every week.  I also used to eat a LOT of granola bars.  My personal solution to those problems is to never have to spend that much time commuting again.  Ha ha!

Do you have any other ideas to make it easier to cook/eat real food during a busy work week?  Let me know in the comments!