OOTD Boxy Athletic Gray Sweatshirt

I had a really good morning today. :)  Steve was home this morning so we slept in and then went out to brunch, which as you may know is one of my favorite activities ever.  Since I started writing Casual Wednesday posts on this blog I've started to think of Wednesdays as exclusively casual days in life.  Ha ha!  Life imitates art...or just the power of suggestion?

Whatever the reason, I have broken out my favorite sweatshirt for good, I think.  The air has definitely shifted here and I'm loving it.  Putting it in writing that I love the smell of dead leaves on the ground sounds gross but it's true.  (Ask me how much I love it in a couple of weeks when the rain begins and the gutters are clogged with wet leaves....)

I bought this sweatshirt at H&M last year because it reminds of phys ed class.  I mean the phys ed classes in movies because I would never have worn this when I was a kid.  When I was an actual athlete I wore crappy t-shirts.  This is just the sweatshirt from my athletic fantasies.  It's really soft and the inside doesn't get bumpy in the wash.  If you're interested, I think that this one here is the same.

Since it is boxy and sort of eliminates any sort of shape to my body I feel like it needs to be paired with something slim on the bottom.  I wore it with my purple jeans along with navy and gray plaid flats.  These shoes are so old that I have loved the fabric right off the front of them.

I was actually planning to wear navy shorts but then realized that I could get away with long pants.  These pictures are actually from yesterday but I'm wearing the sweatshirt again today with my dark blue skinny jeans.  It's just a really good sweatshirt.

Since this is a super casual look I didn't want to go crazy with accessories.  I just went for a giant ring today but I have worn this with a few different statement necklaces.  It somehow works and seems to make people forget that I'm wearing a sweatshirt.  Ha ha!

By the way, whoever invented dry shampoo is my favorite.  That's all. :)

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