Casual Wednesday OOTD: ModCloth Airport Greeting Cardigan

Another gray sweatshirt!  Ha ha!  This one is new though.  My order from ModCloth arrived on Friday night and I can't stop wearing it!

cardigan, zipper, charcoal, gray, sweatshirt, comfy, casual

This is the Airport Greeting Cardigan in Charcoal and there are a million reasons why this is my new favorite thing ever.

Casual Wednesday

1. The back is longer than the front.

ModCloth, Airport Greeting Cardigan, www.alicemanfrida.com, charcoal, gray, zipper

2. There is a little magnet inside to keep everything from bunching up when it's zipped.  The magnets are sewn inside the fabric so that when you have it open there isn't a metal snap to have to look at.

3. There is a lot of fabric around the neck/collar area.  It's kind of like a build in scarf.

4. The charcoal color is my favorite.  But it does come in a few other colors.  If I was made out of money I'd get a second one in either Burgundy or White...or both.

ModCloth, Airport Greeting Cardigan, zipper, charcoal, gray

5. You can wear it a few different ways.  Zipped up, unzipped, half unzipped with the magnet either attached or unattached....so good.

Buying clothes online can be difficult if you don't know how a certain brand fits you.  ModCloth says that this runs true to size based on their measurement chart and I'll agree.  One thing to note is that it has narrow sleeves.  I think that it's best over a tank or tee.  I was able to wear it comfortably over a t-shirt and thin cardigan but it's only really outerwear in early Fall or late Spring.  Since it isn't bulky it will definitely fit under actual outerwear once it does get cold.

pockets, cardigan, ModCloth, Airport Greeting Cardigan

Oh, and it has pockets! :)

The Casual Wednesday pictures I've got today are incredibly casual as I'm also wearing black sweatpants and and comfy tee for a stay-at-home day.  I also wore this cardigan out shopping with jeans and a pink v-neck t-shirt as well as to a baby shower with my Zara leggings, and heels.
(That might seem like a strange thing to wear to a baby shower but I got dressed in a whole outfit with a cute skirt and then realized that I had worn almost the same thing to this woman's bridal shower.  Since I had to catch a train I just went for the leggings because they are comfy but have fancy zippers so they immediately make everything more presentable.)


  1. This is a really cute look!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - I'll be doing a post all about cream v powder blushes!! :)

    Layla xx


  2. I also love ModCloth and that cardigan is super cute ! :)


    1. I discovered that they put up videos of some of their clothes so you can really see how things look and fit.