Casual Wednesday: Nail Polish and Magazines

It's another humid day in Boston.  It's much more comfortable than yesterday, though.  Yesterday I actually broke down and turned on the air conditioner because I couldn't take it anymore.  Today I've been OK just sweating it out.  Ha ha...how glamorous.

Speaking of glamorous things...

I started in on the gigantic September issue of Vogue this morning.  Obviously September issues are always the biggest for every magazine and they make up for it with almost pointless skinny January issues but this one is ridiculous.  I am pretty sure Vogue said it's their biggest ever and I believe it.  I mean look at it!

I'm not actually complaining.  I love magazines and the longer I can stare at one the better, in my opinion. :)  I did make Steve carry it (along with the almost as gigantic Marie Claire that I bought) home from the store the other night because together they were so heavy!  Yup, just admitted that on the internet.

Black Swift 23

Milani High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Formula- Black Swift 23

I was reading while I was waiting for my nails to dry.  In theory it shouldn't have taken that long because this is pretty much the fastest drying polish I've seen.  It's also super shiny and thick and really does only need one coat.

Bronze Beauty 603

Cover Girl Boundless Color - Bronze Beauty 603

Alas, I painted the other hand with regular speed drying nail polish.  This is a pretty bronze/gold glittery color but isn't in-your-face sparkly, which I think is more suited for Fall.  Only a few more weeks.....


  1. Milani's nail polish in black swift looks amazing! :)

    1. It seems to hold up pretty well, too, considering it's only one coat.

      Thanks for visiting, Nicole! :)