Autumn Clothes and Pajama Haul

I really like to do a little "back-to-school" shopping every year even though I don't go to school anymore but for some reason this year I've been all about the lounge wear.

I bought some things over the past few weeks and I thought I'd share it in a haul post.  I ordered a couple of actual clothing items from ModCloth and I also shopped at Nordstrom Rack where I mostly bought pajamas (along with some random beauty stuff including nail polish, duh.)  I also got a couple of things at a little gift shop in my area.

First up are the things I ordered from ModCloth.  
Since I've been wearing the cardigan basically non-stop since it arrived, it's already been included in another post which you can find here.  I also got this really pretty skirt that I've been coveting for the longest time.  Sometimes I just go on the ModCloth website and put a million things in my wishlist.  Obviously I can't buy everything but I want to!  :)

I got the green version of this skirt but it was a really hard decision.  I almost got a more wearable color (navy) but then thought that if I'm going to bother buying a skirt with a giant bow then I might as well get a green one and really do it up!  It's actually a removable sash so I suppose it could be worn with a wide belt.  The sunglasses are from the little gift shop.  They are green.  I don't know what else to say about that.  I like green.

The things I got from Nordstrom Rack ended up mostly being pajamas.  I don't know if it's a symptom of getting older or what, but I looked at all of the clothes and shoes and didn't really feel any of them.  I could really only imagine myself watching a movie on my couch in lounge wear.  Except an $80 Michael Kors dress covered in sequins.  I would wear that everywhere and I walked around with it the whole time I was in the store.  It was really pretty and marked down a lot but I couldn't really justify it so I made Steve go put it back because I was too sad to do it myself.  Ha ha ha!

I got two nighties.  I got a short sleeved one because I didn't have any and it's so soft.  I like to wear things with looser necklines to bed because I hate feeling like I'm choking.  Maybe that's weird...?  The long sleeved one is my favorite.  The slippers were from the same place as the sunglasses and they are seriously so awesome.  The insides are fluffy, the bottoms have little grippy things on them and then obviously the mint colored sequins and bows are the best part!

I had a day last week when I stayed in my pjs for the entire day.  The only thing from this haul that I haven't worn yet is the green skirt but that's only because I'm saving it for this weekend.  I'll make sure to take pictures of it when I do!


  1. Really love the skirt!


    1. It looks even better when it's been ironed. Ha ha! Now that I've worn it I seriously want it in more colors.