Weekend Recap: Anniversary Dinner

leopard statement coat, brown leather handbag, Fossil

I celebrated my anniversary this weekend.  I think I bought this coat about three years ago.  There aren't a ton of occasions that are shiny leopard coat appropriate but a fancy dinner out in early Autumn is one of them.  We went to Petite Robert for dinner, a French restaurant in Kenmore Square.  Then we walked off all of the pate, beef, duck and chocolate mousse and ended up downtown at Precinct for a nightcap.


Alice Cooks: Spaghetti Squash and Sauce

I like this meal because the only thing that I don't regularly have laying around in my kitchen is the squash.  It's not something I really had to plan out.  I made this one or two nights before trash day as a way to try use up the green beans I had in the fridge that weren't going to last much longer.


Autumn Clothes and Pajama Haul

I really like to do a little "back-to-school" shopping every year even though I don't go to school anymore but for some reason this year I've been all about the lounge wear.

I bought some things over the past few weeks and I thought I'd share it in a haul post.  I ordered a couple of actual clothing items from ModCloth and I also shopped at Nordstrom Rack where I mostly bought pajamas (along with some random beauty stuff including nail polish, duh.)  I also got a couple of things at a little gift shop in my area.

First up are the things I ordered from ModCloth.  


Reorganizing for Family Expansion

I haven't posted a lot on here in the past couple of weeks and there are a number of reasons why.  The last two weeks have been crazy.  There have been a couple of stressful events that have happened in September which have made it hard for me to be in the mood to write much of anything on here.  I wasn't really even feeling in the mood to do much of anything on the internet.  Also, even though I am not going to discuss it at all, I do actually have a job, and that seems to have taken up a bunch of my time lately.  Hopefully, that will be a little more under control now.  :)


Casual Wednesday OOTD: ModCloth Airport Greeting Cardigan

Another gray sweatshirt!  Ha ha!  This one is new though.  My order from ModCloth arrived on Friday night and I can't stop wearing it!

cardigan, zipper, charcoal, gray, sweatshirt, comfy, casual

This is the Airport Greeting Cardigan in Charcoal and there are a million reasons why this is my new favorite thing ever.


Weekend Recap: Busy, Busy


I met up with my sister and Steve after work on Friday.  First we did some shopping at Nordstrom Rack, which I'll put in a haul post later this week.  I think because I was wearing my gold flats I was just in a sparkly gold mood and kept looking at anything that glittered.  Don't get too excited.  I didn't buy an $80 sequin dress and I'm still crying about it.  Ha ha!


OOTD Boxy Athletic Gray Sweatshirt

I had a really good morning today. :)  Steve was home this morning so we slept in and then went out to brunch, which as you may know is one of my favorite activities ever.  Since I started writing Casual Wednesday posts on this blog I've started to think of Wednesdays as exclusively casual days in life.  Ha ha!  Life imitates art...or just the power of suggestion?

Whatever the reason, I have broken out my favorite sweatshirt for good, I think.  The air has definitely shifted here and I'm loving it.  Putting it in writing that I love the smell of dead leaves on the ground sounds gross but it's true.  (Ask me how much I love it in a couple of weeks when the rain begins and the gutters are clogged with wet leaves....)


Coffee and a Scone at Fuel America

Instead of making my own coffee at home like I usually do, today I decided to go out.  I got a lemon blueberry scone and it was soooo yummy!  I also had a black coffee.

scone, fuel, coffee shop, blueberry scone, breakfast

Fuel America has really good coffee and the people who work there are some of the more friendly people in this city.  Like any good coffee shop, they have free wifi and lots of tables.  You can get lunch as well as breakfast food.  I really like the West Coast sandwich, in case you're wondering.

It's a little off the beaten path but might be worth the trek out there if you plan on sitting there for a while to work or read.  Plus, if you are one of the people who drives a car in Boston then you are in luck because there is a tiny parking lot for running in and out and there is also some street parking out front.


Weekend in the City

Boston, Lush, City, Shopping

I actually did weekend activities this weekend!

It's been a while.  August was busy.


Alice Cooks: Homemade Granola

To go along with my most recent Tasty Tuesday post where I talked about weekly food prep, I thought I'd share another thing that we've been eating for the past few week.

Homemade Granola!

This is actually a Steve made thing, not an Alice made thing.  But I have been eating plenty of it.  One baking sheet full makes enough for the two of us to eat it all week because I don't eat it every day.  It can be eaten like cereal with milk, on yogurt, by the handful...  Sometimes that's what I do.  Ha ha!


Everyday Makeup Routine

This is my 99th blog post!  As of yesterday, alicemanfrida.com is 5 months old!  :)

To celebrate I'm wearing sequins, obviously.  But my makeup is pretty normal.  I did switch my blush to a more Autumn appropriate color but, other than that, this is what I usually wear on my face every day.


TBT: Teenage Obsessions

Yesterday I posted a picture of the massive current issue of Vogue that I have.  Today I have a picture of three super skinny magazines.  They are the August 1995 and 1997 issues of Teen and the August 1996 issue of Seventeen.  Although I obviously didn't know it when I bought these almost 20 (holy crap) years ago, these three faded and wrinkled magazines now represent a big chunk of my youth.

The August 1995 issue of Teen was the very first fashion magazine that I ever owned.  (Isn't 14 year old Jessica Alba SO cute?!)  I was heading into 7th grade and therefore to my town's combined junior and senior high school.  I'm the older sister so this was obviously terrifying and I wanted some tips on how to be a teenager.  And thus my love affair with magazines began...


Casual Wednesday: Nail Polish and Magazines

It's another humid day in Boston.  It's much more comfortable than yesterday, though.  Yesterday I actually broke down and turned on the air conditioner because I couldn't take it anymore.  Today I've been OK just sweating it out.  Ha ha...how glamorous.

Speaking of glamorous things...


Tasty Tuesday: Weekly Food Prep

Cooking all of the time can be really annoying.  I happen to have fairly relaxed mornings and am able to make myself hearty breakfasts of oatmeal or eggs or whatever I want.  A lot of people don't have that kind of time at the start of their day.  On the flip side, Steve and I often don't even start cooking dinner until at least 9:30pm and there are plenty of nights that I get home even later than that and barely want to eat, let alone cook.  (That's another reason for the gigantic breakfasts.)

One thing that I do most of the time is get food ready in advance.  If veggies are already washed and cut up, it's easier to use them.  Honestly, I wish I did this more.  Ha ha!

The minimum I almost always do is wash and cut up kale, or whatever greens I happen to have in a given week.  And by "cut up" I mean rip up because why have one more knife to wash if you don't need to?  It all goes in a giant bowl in the fridge and then we can easily throw a handful into eggs or tomato sauce or whatever.

Speaking of eggs....

Hard boiling a bunch of eggs at the beginning of the week is the second easiest thing ever and they are good for when you can't eat breakfast at home.

The first easiest thing is to go to Trader Joe's where you can buy a resealable bag of 6 already peeled hard boiled eggs.  I like to call them "Lazy Girl Eggs" and they are awesome.

When I used to have a terrible and long commute, and therefore way less time in my life, I tried to cut up carrots and peppers and bag them up so I could just grab a bag and go every day.  But that was way more work than I could make myself do every week.  I also used to eat a LOT of granola bars.  My personal solution to those problems is to never have to spend that much time commuting again.  Ha ha!

Do you have any other ideas to make it easier to cook/eat real food during a busy work week?  Let me know in the comments!