Tasty Tuesday: What I Ate 8.26.14


Granola with almond milk
I also had a big glass of water and a giant cup of tea before I ate breakfast.
No coffee today because I had a messed up night of sleep and didn't want to compound it with caffeine.


Hard-boiled eggs, kiwi, and a little pulled pork
I also had some mixed nuts and cheese because I was still hungry.
The pulled pork had been cooking in the crock pot all night so I wanted to taste it but I didn't want to eat a ton because I knew I'd be having it again for supper.


Tea and biscuits
Digestives are kind of dry and crumbly but they are really good for dunking.  Except when you drop most of one in your cup and it disintegrates immediately.  Then you have to drink biscuit soup.


Pulled pork, corn, and kale
Steve made the pork.  It cooked all night and morning and it was so good.  The kale came from my grandma's garden.


Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips on top.


  1. Mmmmm. I like leaving you comments because I enjoy that your site prompts me to prove that I am not a robot. Sometimes I need a reminder. So, thanks.