Nail Polish Collection

Instead of posting pictures of what color I painted my nails this week, I thought I'd share my nail polish collection.  I went through it at some point in the past six months or so and tossed out a bunch of really old bottles that were really only good for permanently staining my nails so I'm not too embarrassed by how much I have.  Although that feeling may change as I'm beginning to write this but have yet to actually look through my collection and take the pictures that will be in this post.
Ha ha ha!

I keep all of my nail polish in these stacking storage boxes.  For the most part I have them sorted out by color and the small size helps to keep me in check because if I were to get many more they wouldn't fit.  I think sorting them by color is as good a way as any to keep everything organized and in theory it should help me to make sure I actually have some variety.  But, as you'll see, I tend to feel the need to buy all the hot pink nail polish in the world.  Whatever.  We all have our weaknesses.

Yes.  I need all of these clear ones.
If you have read any of my posts that have to do with nails then you know that I use the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener as a base coat all the time.  Recently I've been using the Insta-Dri clear color as a top coat because it's quick and super shiny.  The one with the blue top is the Double Duty base & top coat combo.  That's the one that I always repurchase when I run out because it works really well.


I wear a lot of black and gray clothes so obviously I have a decent selection of black, gray and white nail polish.  I actually think that these 7 colors are the ones I wear the most frequently year round.

I suddenly seem to have a lot of purple.  Steve's favorite color is purple so maybe I just notice it more when I'm in the nail polish aisle...because let's face it, most trips to CVS include a stop in the nail polish aisle, even if I don't actually buy anything.

I've got all of the blues and greens here in the same jam packed picture.  Cool colors are more my thing and they tend to look better next to my engagement ring.  I don't usually care if my nails look a little off from the emerald on the ring but if the color really clashes I'll wear my wedding band by itself because it's plain.

These are the nudes.  I don't love these but once in a while I'll feel in the mood for something more subtle than bright blue, green or black.

I'm pretty excited for Fall when I won't feel weird wearing red nail polish.  I don't know why I don't like it in the summer, but I just don't.  I think because red in the summer only makes me think of the 4th of July and I don't want to always feel that way.  I don't know.  It's just a weird thing.  :)


Last week I couldn't decide which color pink to use so I just used a bunch of them.  This is the picture I posted to my Instagram.  I know that this has been kind of a trend but I'd never done it before and wasn't sure if it would look strange so I did it for vacation.  But I think it looked so pretty!  I might try it again with blues or greens.

Gosh, my life is thrilling, isn't it?  :)

I think I have every color except for yellow.  I'm not sure if I'd wear yellow.  Maybe like a neon highlighter yellow color?  Or maybe a mustard yellow?  Aaaaand now I want to go out and look for that.  Great. :)