Casual Wednesday: Yup. Still Summer.

The weather has been so nice lately that I think I forgot that we still have some more summer left before visions of hot beverages and fingerless gloves start dancing through our dreams....

But alas, the heat has returned against my wishes.

(No, you can't remind me of this day in 6 months when I'm complaining about how I may not survive another bitter New England February.)

The sleeveless top is super old from NY&Co.  The color is like a very light khaki and I love how soft it is.  The only problem is that because it's so old it's a little stretched out and I really need to wear something under it.  I was thinking that skinny jeans were a good idea because I was all flow-y on top.  I thought wrong.  I had to peel those things off when I got back from doing all of my errands.  So.  Gross.  Now I'm wearing gray shorts and am no longer melting.

For accessories, I'm keeping it casual with a bunch of beaded bracelets.

You can see how the shirt hangs in this silly picture.  I was showing Steve some kind of pit that I found in the yard.  I assume it was left there by a squirrel.  Yes, I washed my hands.
Ha ha!