Alice Cooks: Pollock and Bok Choy

I found these frozen pollock fillets on sale a while ago and they've been a lifesaver for nights when I don't have a ton of time but also don't need to eat another frozen pizza.  (We love our frozen pizzas over here.)  They are individually packed and since they are thin, they defrost so quickly.  I made it with corn and bok choy, which felt intimidating the first time I made it but, as it turns out, it's the easiest thing in the world.  Seriously.

Fish Fillets
Olive Oil
Bok Choy

I cooked the corn and the fish at the same time.  I mixed a tiny bit of butter in with the olive oil for flavor.  While the first side cooked I put salt and pepper on it.

Since I happened to have fresh parsley, I chopped some up and added that and lemon juice after I flipped the fish.  Then I had Steve scoop some of the oil/butter on top to keep it super moist.  I would have done it but I was taking pictures!
Ha ha!

I thought about using a separate pan for the bok choy but really that would just make more dishes to wash.  That is the opposite of an easy night.  As soon as the corn and fish were on the plates, I threw in the garlic and bok choy into the fish pan.  I had to add a little more oil to keep the garlic from burning but that was it.  Bok choy is awesome because you just snap the leaves off of the stalk and then sautee them for a couple of minutes.  They wilt fairly quickly and then you just put them on the plate and eat them.  So.  Easy.

The fish fell apart but that's ok.  It falls apart when chewed anyway.  :)  Our starch for this meal was the corn because we have 7 ears of it in our refrigerator and it needs to get eaten.  But this would be yummy with rice or quinoa as well.


  1. Ok, now I'm hungry (like everytime I come here) !

    Great post Alice. Whenever I'm feeling inspired in the kitchen I'm gonna try this !

    1. It's seriously so easy! Let me know how it comes out for you if you end up making it! :)