Alice Cooks: Lamb Curry

I bought some ground lamb as a complete impulse buy a couple of weeks ago and it's been sitting in my freezer ever since.  I like lamb on very rare occasions so I have never cooked it before.  I just felt like I wanted to try to make a lamb curry.

Since I had no idea what I was doing I went to the internet.  Turns out that Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends just so happens to have made a recent cooking video showing how she makes lamb curry.  What luck that she appears to have read my mind!  I watched it twice and then read through a bunch of random lamb curry recipes I found in a cookbook that I have and then put all of the things together.  If you want to make this you should check out her video because she seems to know what she's doing.  :)

ground lamb
green pepper
garam masala
green chilies

First, the best part is the butter.

I used an entire onion and once that was soft, I put in an entire green pepper.

Then I suddenly remembered that I bought little green chilies.  Most of the seeds were removed from these because I wasn't sure how much heat I'd end up with but I think that next time I will add more chilies and make it hotter.

The meat is next and then when that was about done I put in the spices, garlic and ginger.  By the way, the ginger was a total pain to grate.  Also, I didn't really measure anything.  I put in roughly a teaspoon of each of the three spices and then at the end decided I wanted it to look more yellow so I put in a bunch more turmeric.  I put in lots of garlic because we like garlic and I grated the ginger until I was too annoyed to continue.  Ha ha!

My grandma had given me four tomatoes from her garden so that's what I used.  I chopped them in the food processor and then added a little water.  This was the point when I was concerned that I made curry soup and I was unhappy.

Conveniently, rice takes about 100 years to cook so this stuff had plenty of time to cook down.  I also added frozen peas at the end because I really like peas.  It was the correct choice. ;)

This was surprisingly really easy to make.  It took a long time but it wasn't difficult.  We got two meals out of it and it was really yummy!

Thanks for reading this very long and rambly explanation of what I cooked for dinner the other night.  This was a stream of consciousness midnight retelling.  :)


The Secrets of Blogging Tag

I was tagged by Michele from Let Me Cross Over.  Love her!  :)  Check out her blog where she talks about beauty, fashion, travel and a bunch of other stuff.

Here are the questions:

1. When did you start blogging and why?
I started this blog in April 2014.  I had been thinking about it for a couple of years and had halfway started a few others that have since been deleted.  It worked this time because I was able to spend a couple of months getting it up and running while laying around at home with a knee injury.  (That's better now, fyi.)

2. How many people in real life know about your blog?
Most of my good friends know about it and a good chunk of my family do as well.  I'm not being overly secretive but I also didn't send out an announcement.  Ha ha!

3. What are your favorite posts to read?
I like to read other people's OOTD and home tour posts.

4. List a blog you've recently discovered.
The Flannel Flower

5. What post are you most proud of?
I'm proud of the one documenting my making a chicken.  Mostly I'm just proud of myself for making a chicken.  Also, I'm not necessarily proud or not proud of this one, but I really do love that shirt.

6. What advice would you give to future bloggers?
My favorite thing about the internet is that it lets me talk to people all over the world that I wouldn't normally have an opportunity to meet.  So don't forget to be social and make connections with other bloggers, otherwise your blog is just a journal.

And that's it!  I tag anyone who wants to do it.  If that is you then let me know so I can read your answers.


Casual Wednesday: Yup. Still Summer.

The weather has been so nice lately that I think I forgot that we still have some more summer left before visions of hot beverages and fingerless gloves start dancing through our dreams....

But alas, the heat has returned against my wishes.

(No, you can't remind me of this day in 6 months when I'm complaining about how I may not survive another bitter New England February.)

The sleeveless top is super old from NY&Co.  The color is like a very light khaki and I love how soft it is.  The only problem is that because it's so old it's a little stretched out and I really need to wear something under it.  I was thinking that skinny jeans were a good idea because I was all flow-y on top.  I thought wrong.  I had to peel those things off when I got back from doing all of my errands.  So.  Gross.  Now I'm wearing gray shorts and am no longer melting.

For accessories, I'm keeping it casual with a bunch of beaded bracelets.

You can see how the shirt hangs in this silly picture.  I was showing Steve some kind of pit that I found in the yard.  I assume it was left there by a squirrel.  Yes, I washed my hands.
Ha ha!


Tasty Tuesday: What I Ate 8.26.14


Granola with almond milk
I also had a big glass of water and a giant cup of tea before I ate breakfast.
No coffee today because I had a messed up night of sleep and didn't want to compound it with caffeine.


Hard-boiled eggs, kiwi, and a little pulled pork
I also had some mixed nuts and cheese because I was still hungry.
The pulled pork had been cooking in the crock pot all night so I wanted to taste it but I didn't want to eat a ton because I knew I'd be having it again for supper.


Tea and biscuits
Digestives are kind of dry and crumbly but they are really good for dunking.  Except when you drop most of one in your cup and it disintegrates immediately.  Then you have to drink biscuit soup.


Pulled pork, corn, and kale
Steve made the pork.  It cooked all night and morning and it was so good.  The kale came from my grandma's garden.


Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips on top.


Weekend Recap: Couch Day

I didn't really get a weekend so I didn't do anything worth documenting.  I did however, get only 3 hours of sleep last night because...who knows.  Sometimes that happens.  I just couldn't fall asleep and then I just woke up, wide awake, 3 hours later.  Thankfully, I didn't have anything that I needed to do today and so I've dragged a couple of blankets and my pillow downstairs and made myself a couch nest.

Here are some productive things that I did today:

1. Turn off the crock pot that Steve had been making pulled pork in all night.

2. I did manage to take a nap for a couple of hours this morning.  It still doesn't get close to my normal 8 hours but hopefully I'll be so tired that I'll fall asleep early tonight.

3. I painted my nails.  Obviously.

Deborah Lippmann in Planet Rock
Covergirl Outlast Glosstinis in Orange Oasis 520

4. I worked on the blanket I'm knitting for my mom.  By "for her" I don't mean as a present.  Although, I have knit her presents before.  But she commissioned this blanket.

5. Watched a ridiculous amount of YouTube with my feet up.  I caught up on a bunch of things I haven't had time to watch in the last week.  I also had a Tanya Burr marathon which I fueled with tea and biscuits...because England.

6. Somewhere in all of that I did actually brush my teeth and wash my face, but I'm definitely still wearing pajamas. :)


Alice Cooks: Pollock and Bok Choy

I found these frozen pollock fillets on sale a while ago and they've been a lifesaver for nights when I don't have a ton of time but also don't need to eat another frozen pizza.  (We love our frozen pizzas over here.)  They are individually packed and since they are thin, they defrost so quickly.  I made it with corn and bok choy, which felt intimidating the first time I made it but, as it turns out, it's the easiest thing in the world.  Seriously.

Fish Fillets
Olive Oil
Bok Choy

I cooked the corn and the fish at the same time.  I mixed a tiny bit of butter in with the olive oil for flavor.  While the first side cooked I put salt and pepper on it.

Since I happened to have fresh parsley, I chopped some up and added that and lemon juice after I flipped the fish.  Then I had Steve scoop some of the oil/butter on top to keep it super moist.  I would have done it but I was taking pictures!
Ha ha!

I thought about using a separate pan for the bok choy but really that would just make more dishes to wash.  That is the opposite of an easy night.  As soon as the corn and fish were on the plates, I threw in the garlic and bok choy into the fish pan.  I had to add a little more oil to keep the garlic from burning but that was it.  Bok choy is awesome because you just snap the leaves off of the stalk and then sautee them for a couple of minutes.  They wilt fairly quickly and then you just put them on the plate and eat them.  So.  Easy.

The fish fell apart but that's ok.  It falls apart when chewed anyway.  :)  Our starch for this meal was the corn because we have 7 ears of it in our refrigerator and it needs to get eaten.  But this would be yummy with rice or quinoa as well.


Green Lace Pants OOTD

I wore these green lace pants from Zara to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  I went with my mom and sister so it was a fun girls' night.  My sister took the pictures and we were laughing the whole time because people kept walking by.  Then the sun was in my eyes and a giant flag kept blowing so the shadow was moving in the picture.  It was probably a "you had to be there" situation, but we were cracking up.  Ha ha! 

Here's a close-up of the lace.

Here I'm starting to laugh.  How do professional bloggers do this?!  Ha ha!

I put my hair in a messy side bun and then pinned it down.  That made it a little messier, but I thought a little less casual.  It stayed put, anyway.

And now for the really goofy pictures because, why not?


What's up with the flag shadow?!

I can't even.


Casual Wednesday: Blue and Yellow and Matching

My mother-in-law stayed over last night so we went out to eat for supper and then we went out again for breakfast this morning.  Then she left to drive home and I walked Steve to the train so he could go to work.  I was going to go for a walk for the sake of exercise but wanted to stop back at home to drop of the sweater I was wearing.  The cool house trumped the increasingly hot sun and I decided the roughly half a mile I did with the loop to and from the train was good enough.  Now I'm sitting in my living room contemplating the clean laundry that is sitting in the dryer downstairs, drinking coffee and writing this.  It's all very exciting but that's real life.

Later I'll have to join the general public in the outside world but for the first half of the day it's Casual Wednesday and there's no makeup happening here.  I'm wearing ancient flare jeans, like the good  late 90s/early 00s girl that I am and a t-shirt with an astronaut on it.

As soon as I put this shirt on this morning I realized that I'm extremely matchy-matchy today.  Now I love matching but I usually avoid hitting this level on purpose.  My shirt has blue and yellow on it and my nails are....blue and yellow.

Blue, Yellow

And speaking of yellow nails...

Covergirl #GetGlowing

Remember last Thursday when I showed you my entire nail polish collection and made a comment about how I don't have any yellow nail polish because it's not really a color that I wear or like all that much or that even looks good on me???  Well...after saying that I decided I wouldn't rest until I found some that was a yellow that I didn't hate.

glosstinis, yellow nailpolish

Covergirl Glossy Days Glosstinis #GetGlowing 670
Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Sulfur Blaze 60

Ta da!  Covergirl did it!   I bought two.  The Glosstini is actually a nice formula.  It dries the exact color as it is in the bottle and it seems to go on really smoothly.  It is a tiny bottle so it is a little annoying to use as the brush is incredibly short.  But how often will I, or anyone really, use a bright yellow nail polish?  I think it's an appropriate size.  I did one coat of that and then a second coat of the glitter.  I was only going to do the glitter accent nail thing but then I figured, I'm doing bright yellow nails, I might as well go all out.


Tasty Tuesday: Out For Pizza


Cheerios with almond milk and a banana
Black Coffee


Kale and onions
2 eggs over easy with black bean salsa

Out to Eat at Uno's:

I split that pizza with my mom and sister.  It had sausage and veggies on it.
We each ate a giant ceasar salad and my sister and I got beers.  The waiter also brought us about a million waters.  He kept bringing more even though we weren't done with the ones we already had so they just kept piling up on the table.


Weekend Recap: City Trees

On Saturday I went to a good friend's baby shower.  I drove for about the third time in a year to get there.  It was a sunny day so most of the party was held outdoors.  :)

On Sunday I slept in until 10am, which is super late for me.  We went out for coffee and sandwiches around 1pm because I was too slow and by then it didn't feel like brunch made sense.  I found this giant tree by the side of the road.  It was looming over the sidewalk so I thought it deserved to be shot in creepy black and white.

I like that there is a lot of green space in this city.  It makes it easier to keep living here even though it's one of the most expensive places to live in the country and the public transportation continues to rob us of our sanity bit by bit.  Driving around the area where I grew up on Saturday was making me think that maybe it would be easier to just move out of the city and get a car.  So many things that make city living difficult would be eliminated, like carrying groceries on a packed bus, and...winter.  Maybe someday I'll do a whole post called "City Living is Hard."  Ha ha!  But, whenever I think about it, I realize that I can't identify a scenario in which I'd leave happily.

That's pretty much it.  Not the most exciting weekend, but a weekend, nonetheless.


Alice Cooks: Breakfast Sandwich

This is the Manfrida take on a bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel.  Steve was the actual sandwich maker this time.  But I told him what to do.  Ha ha! ;)

Cheddar Cheese

Step 1: Bacon
Step 2: Cook everything in the bacon grease.
Step 3: Be so happy about all of the bacon. :)

Steve put the asparagus in the frying pan first until it was warm.  Then he added the eggs and let it cook without too much scrambling so that it would kind of stay together.  It was kind of like an unfolded omelet.  He did flip it over to cook on both sides and then he cut it into sandwich sized slices to fit in the toasted bagels.  To make sure that the cheese melted he put it between two slices of egg.


Nail Polish Collection

Instead of posting pictures of what color I painted my nails this week, I thought I'd share my nail polish collection.  I went through it at some point in the past six months or so and tossed out a bunch of really old bottles that were really only good for permanently staining my nails so I'm not too embarrassed by how much I have.  Although that feeling may change as I'm beginning to write this but have yet to actually look through my collection and take the pictures that will be in this post.
Ha ha ha!

I keep all of my nail polish in these stacking storage boxes.  For the most part I have them sorted out by color and the small size helps to keep me in check because if I were to get many more they wouldn't fit.  I think sorting them by color is as good a way as any to keep everything organized and in theory it should help me to make sure I actually have some variety.  But, as you'll see, I tend to feel the need to buy all the hot pink nail polish in the world.  Whatever.  We all have our weaknesses.

Yes.  I need all of these clear ones.
If you have read any of my posts that have to do with nails then you know that I use the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener as a base coat all the time.  Recently I've been using the Insta-Dri clear color as a top coat because it's quick and super shiny.  The one with the blue top is the Double Duty base & top coat combo.  That's the one that I always repurchase when I run out because it works really well.


I wear a lot of black and gray clothes so obviously I have a decent selection of black, gray and white nail polish.  I actually think that these 7 colors are the ones I wear the most frequently year round.

I suddenly seem to have a lot of purple.  Steve's favorite color is purple so maybe I just notice it more when I'm in the nail polish aisle...because let's face it, most trips to CVS include a stop in the nail polish aisle, even if I don't actually buy anything.

I've got all of the blues and greens here in the same jam packed picture.  Cool colors are more my thing and they tend to look better next to my engagement ring.  I don't usually care if my nails look a little off from the emerald on the ring but if the color really clashes I'll wear my wedding band by itself because it's plain.

These are the nudes.  I don't love these but once in a while I'll feel in the mood for something more subtle than bright blue, green or black.

I'm pretty excited for Fall when I won't feel weird wearing red nail polish.  I don't know why I don't like it in the summer, but I just don't.  I think because red in the summer only makes me think of the 4th of July and I don't want to always feel that way.  I don't know.  It's just a weird thing.  :)


Last week I couldn't decide which color pink to use so I just used a bunch of them.  This is the picture I posted to my Instagram.  I know that this has been kind of a trend but I'd never done it before and wasn't sure if it would look strange so I did it for vacation.  But I think it looked so pretty!  I might try it again with blues or greens.

Gosh, my life is thrilling, isn't it?  :)

I think I have every color except for yellow.  I'm not sure if I'd wear yellow.  Maybe like a neon highlighter yellow color?  Or maybe a mustard yellow?  Aaaaand now I want to go out and look for that.  Great. :)