Weekend Recap: Kitty Snuggles and Injuries


I snuggled with Stella at my dad's house on Saturday.  As usual she didn't want to pose for pictures.  But I did sneak this one for Instagram when she was being extra affectionate with me on the kitchen floor.  :)

Here is another Instagram masterpiece of the chocolate covered Swedish flag pretzels I made!  We were at my dad's for a birthday party cookout for him.  It was a Swedish themed party so there were lots of ethnic pride treats.

Saturday Night:

The stairs in my house are really steep and narrow and we trip on them all the time.  On my way down them Saturday night I slipped and went down the last 3 or 4 of them.  I ended up with a bunch of giant welts all over the place.  The worst two were on my left arm and on my back.  Somehow I now only have light bruises on that arm and my other elbow.

This picture was from right after I fell.  All of the other places that hit on the stairs looked pretty similar.  So on Sunday I didn't do very much other than ice all of my bumps.  Today my back hurts much less so I've got pillows behind me on the couch.  (Yesterday the pillows hurt when I leaned on them.)