Weekend Recap: Driving and Shopping


I am car-sitting for a week while the car owner is on vacation.  It's been kind of fun because I haven't actually driven a car in almost a year.  I drove to and from the airport the other day but I did a ton of driving this weekend.  On Saturday, Steve and I went to visit my sister. We made brunch and then had popsicles for dessert.  Mine was grape.

This is my artsy/scrapbookish idea of how to photograph a popsicle. #Blurry


I had to stop for gas to get back home on Saturday but there is no way that I'm going to use a full tank of gas before I give this car back.  I mean, we don't have a car because we wouldn't use it if we did.  There isn't a point to driving around the city pretty much ever.  Anyway, because I bought the gas I decided that I should use some more of it.  So we drove an hour to go to lunch with friends.

And then the shopping.

We went to basically every store that the suburbs has to offer.  We actually got a bunch of stuff that we have been planning to get for a long time but have just been waiting for a good opportunity (car).

My dining room is the worst room.  It has weird walls and doorways, I don't like the color of the walls, it echoes, and it's part-dining-room-part-hallway.  We rearranged some of the furniture yesterday and then I got this really pretty tablecloth and some napkins.  We almost got a rug for the giant empty space that is open so that you can walk through this room to get to the living room but we decided to wait a little longer on that.  For now, the room is starting to feel a lot nicer.

I got this wicked awesome pineapple cardigan!!  This, along with the two t-shirts, is from Target.  The pink one is a v-neck and the black one is a scoop neck.  Steve was trying on shorts so I was wandering around looking at clothes waiting for him and it occurred to me that I do not have a plain black short sleeved t-shirt and haven't for a few years for some reason.  Then I thought, well, I'll just get this cute pink one because it's pretty.  The pineapple shirt pretty much just bought itself for me with my money because...I mean you can see it, right?! Ha ha ha!  :)

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  1. Wait... you have a dining room? With a table?? I thought that was the wine glass and memory room! I like it both ways. Good job ;)