Weekend Recap: Birds at the Pond

I normally recap my weekend on Mondays but I ended up being out of the house for the whole day and night so I didn't get a chance to write the post until now.  On Saturday Steve and I went out for coffee and then for a walk around the pond.  When we came home we spent a solid six hours organizing our storage room.  It felt so good to actually have time to be so productive!

I have a bunch of pictures from our walk because it was a really nice day.  It was sunny but it was also windy so it wasn't too hot.  Usually we are just overrun by geese when we go there but there are a lot of other kinds of birds that are always there.  We also saw a really cute bunny!  It was a different and smaller kind than the one we usually see in our yard.  I didn't get a picture of it though because the city is doing some work and there was orange plastic fencing up in between me and the bunny.  I didn't want to loom over the fence and scare it so we just watched it hop around while we sat on a bench.

This was just the shell with no snail inside.  But it was huge!

More ducks! 
Still, the ducks.
This tree looks like it is twisting up out of the ground.

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