Tasty Tuesday: Whole Chicken in the Oven!

I cooked a whole chicken!!!
I watched about 10 different videos on YouTube of people cooking chickens and then I made a chicken.


I mixed salt, pepper and thyme in with the melted butter.  I wanted it to just be soft butter but it ended up being melted butter.

I started pouring the butter mixture on nicely but then I gave up because the entire process was slimy and gross so I figured I might as well just lean in to it and pour the whole thing on it.  By the way, this was an entire stick of butter because....butter.

I stuffed it with a whole lemon (quartered) and as much onion as would fit.  I also put a huge amount of garlic in there, which was great because those were small and fit in the little spaces between the onion and lemon.  I also put some rosemary in for good measure.

Here is the chicken ready to go in the oven.  The butter cooled down and got all clumpy and I used tin foil because I didn't have string to tie the legs together.

My tin foil worked pretty well.

Yum Yum Yum

Legs and one breast...the other one was eaten by me (I shared a little with Steve) while standing at the counter holding it in my hands.  It was so good!  Ha ha ha!

Here are all of the veggies from the pan plus the onions and garlic from inside the chicken.  I made a huge bowl of chicken salad and we've had a huge amount of chicken to eat cold plus we ate tons of it while we were getting the meat off of the bones.


  1. How long and at what temperature did you bake the chicken?

    1. I put the oven at 400 degrees. There wasn't really any liquid to baste it with until about an hour in and I think total it was about an hour and a half. It has one of those things that pops up when it's done so I took it out when that said it was ready. It was 5.5 lbs, btw. I'm pretty sure that affects how long it takes.