Tasty Tuesday: Macaroni and Cheese

I love macaroni and cheese.  Obviously.  Tons of people love macaroni and cheese.  Sometimes I'll make it from scratch and it is sooooo delicious I could eat a million bowls of it at once.  But usually I'll make it from a box and it is reserved for a weekend lunch or a lazy supper.

I almost always have at least one box of Annie's in my kitchen but the problem I seem to have been having is that I don't usually have milk.  I don't drink milk and if it isn't in the house my husband doesn't miss it either.  So if I want macaroni and cheese it has to be premeditated because I have to remember to buy the milk.

But macaroni and cheese shouldn't always have to be planned in advance.  Sometimes I just want it to appear in front of me.  OK, well I probably always want it to just appear in front of me, but moving on... The directions that Annie's has on their box have always said that you can substitute yogurt for the milk but I've never done that because I was always terrified that I wouldn't like it and that an entire box would be ruined and I'd cry.

Turns out it's actually really good.


  1. Ahh. looove mac and cheese!


  2. Hmm interesting...I'll have to try this!

    1. It was thicker and creamier, kind of like when you get mac and cheese from a cafeteria. Also, I assumed I was supposed to eliminate the butter, which I did, so I think it was correct. Ha ha!