OOTD: Pineapple Cardigan

This sweater is the best.

I bought this lightweight cardigan at Target last weekend.  When it's all buttoned up, it has a v-neck.  I guess I would say that it has 3/4 length sleeves but they are kind of in between that and actual long sleeves.  Steve said they are the sleeve equivalent of capri pants.  :)

I like how the cardigan has a relaxed fit.  Even when it's buttoned up it is still loose and casual.  The base color is cream, not white, so I think it will live to see many a Fall day this year.  

I wore this on a day that wasn't very hot so I just wore my super old and kind of ratty jeans, a black ribbed tank top and black sandals.  I also wore a bracelet made out of a bent knitting needle.  It is mint green and went with my nails and the little pineapple tops on the cardigan.

These pictures are super blurry because I haven't figured out a good lighting solution in my bedroom since getting my new curtains and I have been too lazy to take them down to take outfit pictures.  But such is the case for unpaid blogging.  Ha ha!

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