OOTD: Buffy Tee

Buffy.  Oh how I love you!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show of all time forever and ever.  This is also my favorite shirt because 1) Buffy 2) it was a present from my sister 3) it is super comfortable.

I threw the t-shirt on over a white dress with black polka dots and I think the outfit turned out pretty well.  Sometimes it's hard to tell how a dress will look with a shirt or sweater over it.  It really depends on the shape and length of the shirt in combination with where the waistline of the dress falls.  Normally I'd wear this top with jeans but I really like how it looks with the polka dots.  This might be my favorite summer outfit so far this year!

My bracelets are all Chavez for Charity.  The two red ones go towards V-Day, which is a movement to end violence against women and girls.  The white peace sign bracelet benefits the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which was set up in response to anti-gay hate crimes, specifically that which led to the death of Matthew Shepard.  I kind of enjoy that the bracelets match the shirt but also that the charities that the bracelets support are also completely in line with the values expressed in the show.  :)

I straightened my hair for the first time this summer, I think.  I've sort of been on a hair brushing hiatus and have just letting it look big and crazy in the humidity.  It's better for it to have the break at least once a year anyway.  Besides that, a very large section at the bottom is totally dried out and splitting so I don't want to go crazy with it until I get around to getting a hair cut.

Apparently my feet didn't make it into any of these pictures but I wore boring old black foam flip flops.  It was a rainy day and I was going out on a day time date with a girlfriend so I really didn't want to worry about puddles.  If when I wear this outfit again I think I'll wear nicer black sandals with it.

P.S. That basket full of laundry sneaking it's way into all of this photos is totally clean!  I washed a million blankets and towels and left them all to cool down for the day (well, maybe a couple of days).  Isn't folding hot laundry the worst in the summer?!

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