Nails: Shades of Green

Green is my favorite color.  The only green I've ever met that I didn't like is the weird shade that is what my dining room and living room walls are painted with.  Ah the life of a renter.  Anyway, my toes are still pink from last week and I was trying to decide what to put on my finger nails and I could only think of green.  After I did my nails I realized that I was completely influenced by the discussion of pink and green I had with a friend who is expecting a baby soon.  Apparently my thoughts are just not my own.  Ha ha!

Maybelline Color Show Green With Envy 320

I find that the color show polishes go on very streaky with the first coat.  They definitely need 2-3 coats to look nice.  But the mint is so pretty!

Some of my nails peel a lot and I don't baby my hands so I am not a stranger to broken nails.  As a result, my nails are rarely the same length as one another.  If I am going to paint some of my nails with an accent color I usually pick whichever ones are the longest or straightest.  This time the nicest looking ones happened to be the ring finger on both hands so it's all very symmetrical.

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