Casual Wednesday: Getting in the Patriotic Spirit OOTD

There are still two more days before the 4th of July but I started theme dressing today.  I'm easing into it because I have a bunch of errands to run later and didn't want to seem too obsessive.  I skipped the red and am wearing a kind of dark teal top and navy shorts.  I'm  also super coordinated with white cutout sandals and white cutout earrings.  Under the teal, I've got a navy tank top with white stars all over it.  The top has a pretty big scoop neckline and drape-y batwing sleeves so it shifts around a lot and usually ends up hanging off of one shoulder or another so the stars peek out.  

Here's a better look at the tank top.  Ha ha!  It is about a million degrees out but with the humidity it feels like it is two million degrees out.  Because I anticipate my curly hair becoming a giant ball of frizz later anyway I put it in a frizzy bun on top of my head.  For makeup I've got a little eye makeup on with waterproof mascara and lipstick.  I figured anything else I put on will slide right off when I go outside.  Yay Summer!!


  1. Love the slightly crazy look in the lower picture.
    Good not to see somebody pouting like a fish