Weekend Recap: Urban Pool Party!


On Saturday I didn't try very hard at anything.  Steve and I ran a few errands and I painted my nails.  On our way home with our veggie haul it started raining.  Of course it stopped right after we got home and were in the house.  Later we went out for nachos and then over to a friend's house for pizza and a movie.

Sallie Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
Dark Huemoor 571

 I have been looking for navy nail polish FOREVER.  I found it this weekend. :)


The weather was completely perfect for a pool party and conveniently we were invited to one!  Ha ha!  Luckily I wore a long sleeved shirt over there because it was not warm at 10pm when I was walking home.

This is not me in the water.  I am a wimp and never made it in past my waist.  I don't go all the way in until the end of the summer when the water is actually warm.

Don't worry, I have about a gallon of sunscreen on and I even reapplied after I got out of the water just to make sure my skin retains its blinding paleness! :)

I spent the afternoon in my bathing suit and this black mesh cover up.  It's just enough coverage so you don't feel creepy walking around with no clothes on but it still lets the sun get in to dry a wet bathing suit.  I tried to be classy by being super matchy with my fedora and black Old Navy flip flops.  The hat was a little hot because it's lined but that made it so I didn't need to put sunscreen on the part in my hair.  I burn SO easily I have to be really on top of that stuff!

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