Weekend Recap: Cooking and Shopping


When I went outside in the morning I found these really pretty flowers had bloomed in my yard!  There had been three that were bloomed on Friday but they were closed up when I noticed them as it was getting dark.  There were more open on Saturday in the sun.

We had scrambled eggs with leeks, onion and cheese in them and peanut butter and banana toast while our legs got a little vitamin D.  Then we went inside and I cooked a whole chicken.  It was the first time I ever did that so we took a bunch of pictures.  It came out soooo good!!  I'll put all of the pictures up tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday.


This was the view I had for a lot of Sunday.  We got a zipcar and did a million errands and visited family all day.

We filled up the trunk with a trip to Walmart.  Fifty percent of it was taken up by the air conditioner we bought.  We also filled the trunk up earlier in the day with a giant trip to the grocery store.  Usually I only get what I can carry home because I walk or take the bus but with the car we got so much.

Our bedroom is the only room in our house that gets lots of sun for most of the day and it's on the second floor so it gets really hot up there.  We got the air conditioner but we also got room darkening curtains so hopefully that helps keep the heat out a little.  I'm more excited about the curtains though because I really hate being blinded every morning.

This is a close-up of the curtain fabric.  I'll put pictures up when we get everything put up.

And THIS is a sneak peek for Friday's post which will be full of our wicked awesome Fourth of July outfits that we bought this weekend.  Get ready.  Ha ha ha!

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