The Importance of Pampering

 Pampering yourself is important.  Everyone knows this but everyone is busy so it is usually the first thing to be dropped.  But if you don't do things to make yourself feel good then you will just be miserable all the time.  I also think that it is important to try to do things for yourself regularly and not just once in a while.  Obviously some people have crazy jobs and other people have a million little kids and other people have other things making their lives hectic.  But I still think everyone should make it a priority to actually do something they like, even if it is just a little thing.

OPI Significant Other Color

I usually paint my nails every week.  Sometimes I have time to do it more frequently and sometimes I don't but I try to keep them looking nice.  I watch a marathon of YouTube videos or a movie while my nails dry so it's extra fun.  Ha ha!  This is fun for me because I bit my nails obsessively as a kid and young adult and I love that I can actually get them to look pretty.

(By the way, I seriously love this color.  I've redone it 3 times, I think.  It is kind of a sheer lavender when you look one direction but then if you tilt your hand its a shimmery yellow gold.  It's so pretty!)

Post facial skin!
While on vacation last week I got a facial at the spa attached to our hotel.  I very rarely do something like a facial, massage, or manicure so it was a pampering treat.  I think sometimes I forget that having a spa treatment isn't the only way to pamper yourself.  But it is definitely nice once in a while!

This is a couple's treat for us.  Wine and cheese is not a healthy meal.  But sometimes when we are hanging around on a Saturday we just want to have this for lunch on the deck.  :)

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