Pennsylvania Vacation: Part 1 - The Hotel

After 8 months of being married we finally went on a honeymoon!  We went to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania because we figured it would be relaxing and easy.  We were correct.  There is basically one main road that runs through the area and whatever part of each town is on that main road is it.  There are other roads with actual things and people on them but mostly there are just farms.  Farm after farm after farm.  Also, the entire area smells like a farm.  It was interesting to see the mix of Amish farms and stores and all of the other places with electricity, like when a horse and buggy goes through the drive-through at the bank.

We stayed at the Inn & Spa at Intercourse Village.  We got a suite that had a little living room area with a kitchenette and a separate bedroom.  It worked out well to have a little extra space since we were there for four nights.  Included with your stay is a 5 course candlelight breakfast in their fancy dining room every morning.  The food was so good and kept us full until dinner.  This was fine because we had to eat dinner early as everything closed between 6 and 8pm.  It was cloudy/rainy the first few days that we were there so we spent a lot of time hanging around watching movies.  We also drove around a lot to get our fill of farm views.

Picture Overload Alert!

The back porch off of the dining room.
Pretty front/wrap-around porch.  This faced the main road but that wasn't really a big deal because there isn't much traffic in Amish country.
Our suite was on the top floor of this building. 
TV and checkers in the living room of our suite.
They set the table with fancy china and crystal in the morning.
Closeup of the wallpaper in the dining room, which matched the china pattern perfectly.  Because...matching. :)
Fancy sitting room in the main building.  They had dvds to borrow, coffee and pretzels.
More ambiance.
I would not hate it if this was my personal velvet fancy-pants couch. 

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