Clean desks!

My home/work goal for this week is to clean and organize the office in our house.  We have to walk through the office in order to get in and out of our bedroom and my closet is in there.  There's kind of a lot going on with clothes, two desks, a giant chair and the need for a clear path so we don't kill ourselves trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Yesterday I was actually using my laptop and Steve's computer at the same time on his desk, which was totally crazy.  My desk has been piled high with wedding stuff because I was trying to get it all pulled together and since I had been working on writing out thank you cards, it all ended up on my desk.  So today I decided that I would not stop until both desks were cleared off and actually usable.

I got all of the wedding stuff that I want to save organized into a box and it is finally up on a shelf in the closet.  I was OBSESSED with Wonder Woman in high school and Steve loves Batman so my mom gave us these cool postcards which I put in frames that had been for the table numbers at our wedding.

My desk is from Ikea.  I'm pretty sure that it is a child's desk.  Ha ha!  But it is GREEN and I love it!  My cork board is actually made out of corks from wine bottles.  So my name is spelled out in wine.

Steve's desk is actually clean!  Sort of.  The shelf that is behind his monitor still has a bunch of stuff that isn't really organized yet, but it's hidden so... good enough for now!  :)

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