Casual Wednesday: T-shirt and Jeans

While wandering around Lancaster, PA last week I wanted to be cool, then warm, and comfortable the entire time.  It was a really sunny day and almost hot but I was going on a ghost tour of the city after dark so I was afraid to wear shorts in case I got cold.  The white shirt is one that I just got at Old Navy for some super cheap price.  It is literally called the "perfect" tee.  I also have a blue and white striped version.  I know that the whole world is obsessed with crop tops right now but I'm not 20.  Actually, I'm not sure I'd have worn a crop top when I was 20 and still a runner.

The other awesome bargain I'm wearing in these pictures: my shoes.  They are the American Eagle brand available at Payless.  This is the third pair of flats I've gotten in this brand and all of them are so comfortable.  Even though all three were different styles they have been equally as comfortable.

I did change out of the flats and put on sneakers for the ghost tour because it was an hour and a half of walking and standing.  Also, it turned out that on the opposite side of the building providing the brick wall background for my pictures there is a haunted alley that the police horses don't like going into.  Spooky! :)

It felt really important to take a picture under the Merry Christmas sign and enormous floral display that was happening in the window of this discount store.  Ha ha!

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