Casual Wednesday: Sunshine and Green Nails

Can you see all of the pollen on my deck?!  Gross!
 I have spent most of the day out in the sun.  I ate my breakfast on the deck, I walked to buy some groceries, and then I was back on the porch painting my nails.  Our deck gets a pretty good blast of bright sun mid to late morning and then it's shady the rest of the day.  We have two giant trees blocking the afternoon sun, which is awesome, because if it weren't for them our house would be an oven.  This will be our first summer in this house so I'm still unsure of how hot it will be.  So far I've been able to keep the inside of the house pretty cool.  Although I checked the weather for the next (and last) 10 days of spring and it looks like it's going to get hot and probably stay that way, so we'll see.

Revlon Posh 571
I feel like I talk about the weather all the time but I think that's just a symptom of being a New Englander.  It fluctuates so much as we move from winter to summer and every day feels like a surprise, a trick, or an assault by Mother Nature.  Or all three.  My favorite weather is 70 degrees F and sunny (like today!!) but I think those perfect days are few and far between here.  Yesterday was dark and stormy, the next two days are supposed to be rainy and after that the temperature is supposed to hang out in the 80s.  Ugh.  Maybe I should start making ice for all of the cold drinks I'm going to want.

I am a fan of the Instagram selfie. :)
By the way, it is totally difficult to do anything on your phone in bright sunlight and with sunglasses on.  Ha ha!  I did come inside to take a break and write this post.  I'm also going to switch from shorts to long pants before I go back out later because my pale skin doesn't need THAT much sun.

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