Casual Wednesday: Matte Pink Nails

Usually I have crazy bright or dark nails but I've been in a lighter mood lately.  This color is a really light pink and just slightly shimmery.  Once I put on the matte top coat, my nails reminded me of little girl ballet shoes.

Milani A Rose Mylady 02A

It's just about 90 degrees today and when I went outside to take these pictures it was like walking into a furnace.  This morning I walked two miles to the grocery store and it was OK because it was only 80 degrees and it was early enough that there was still a shady side of the street to walk on.  Not so much when I left the store closer to noon.  I put the bag with all of the cold groceries on my lap for the bus ride home.  I'm still feeling pretty clever about that.  :)  Ha ha!

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