Weekend Recap: Cooking and Shopping


When I went outside in the morning I found these really pretty flowers had bloomed in my yard!  There had been three that were bloomed on Friday but they were closed up when I noticed them as it was getting dark.  There were more open on Saturday in the sun.

We had scrambled eggs with leeks, onion and cheese in them and peanut butter and banana toast while our legs got a little vitamin D.  Then we went inside and I cooked a whole chicken.  It was the first time I ever did that so we took a bunch of pictures.  It came out soooo good!!  I'll put all of the pictures up tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday.


This was the view I had for a lot of Sunday.  We got a zipcar and did a million errands and visited family all day.

We filled up the trunk with a trip to Walmart.  Fifty percent of it was taken up by the air conditioner we bought.  We also filled the trunk up earlier in the day with a giant trip to the grocery store.  Usually I only get what I can carry home because I walk or take the bus but with the car we got so much.

Our bedroom is the only room in our house that gets lots of sun for most of the day and it's on the second floor so it gets really hot up there.  We got the air conditioner but we also got room darkening curtains so hopefully that helps keep the heat out a little.  I'm more excited about the curtains though because I really hate being blinded every morning.

This is a close-up of the curtain fabric.  I'll put pictures up when we get everything put up.

And THIS is a sneak peek for Friday's post which will be full of our wicked awesome Fourth of July outfits that we bought this weekend.  Get ready.  Ha ha ha!


Casual Wednesday: Matte Pink Nails

Usually I have crazy bright or dark nails but I've been in a lighter mood lately.  This color is a really light pink and just slightly shimmery.  Once I put on the matte top coat, my nails reminded me of little girl ballet shoes.

Milani A Rose Mylady 02A

It's just about 90 degrees today and when I went outside to take these pictures it was like walking into a furnace.  This morning I walked two miles to the grocery store and it was OK because it was only 80 degrees and it was early enough that there was still a shady side of the street to walk on.  Not so much when I left the store closer to noon.  I put the bag with all of the cold groceries on my lap for the bus ride home.  I'm still feeling pretty clever about that.  :)  Ha ha!


Tasty Tuesday: What I Ate 6.24.14

I cooked breakfast and then ate snacks and leftovers for the rest of the day.


2 eggs over-easy with cheese on top
sauteed mushrooms and green onions
sprouted grain toast
black coffee
glass of water


lemon Larabar
glass of water

Coffee Date:

small coffee
chocolate chip cookie (shared with Steve, but devoured immediately)


leftover cheese tortellini
crackers and hummus
2 glasses of water


Weekend Recap: Eating Out

I ate out for every meal this weekend.


Brunch was breakfast pizzas in Harvard Square.  Mine had egg, bacon, cheese and arugula.  Steve's was some kind of egg, meat, and bean combination.  We sat outside because it was so sunny but then I ended up getting a sunburn on one arm.  I've been wearing long sleeves indoors since then.

We at lunch/supper around 3:30pm, I think.  I got a cuban sandwich and fries.  Also, for any beer drinkers out there, Lagunitas currently can't do wrong in my eyes.  I had the IPA with lunch but have been trying a bunch of their beers recently and they are all good.

Steve had pulled pork and a salad.  The picture is blurry.  You can just imagine that everything is dripping in barbecue sauce.  It looked really good.


I went out to brunch with my sister and dad.  I had french toast with strawberry-orange butter and bacon.  I put maple syrup on both.  I forgot to take a picture of it but there were six pieces.  I could only eat four before I was stuffed.

I left my house at 5:45am and didn't get home until almost 5:00pm.  I didn't want to cook anything so we went out for sushi.  We had already eaten some of it by the time I took this picture.


Shimmery Summer Nails

Nail painting day!  I had unpainted fingers and my toes have been the same color for at least two weeks.  They weren't really chipped but it was time for a change.

I went with warm colors this time.

Sallie Hansen Salon  Dawn to Earth 220

On my fingers I've got a shimmery nude.

On my toes I have a shimmery coral.  It says it's tangerine but it's really coral.

Sallie Hansen Maximum Growth  Tangerine Joy 37

This is a picture heavy post because it's been a busy week and a long day and my brain is sleepy.  I'm going to meet Steve for coffee in a little while so hopefully that'll help me make it until bedtime.  I don't like naps.


Tasty Tuesday: Pasta with Chicken, Spinach & Mushrooms

 On Friday night I seriously made the yummiest supper ever.

Fresh Thyme

The pasta we used was quinoa pasta, which if I'm remembering correctly is made with quinoa and corn flour.  It was a small box so we cooked the whole thing.  Steve chopped up and cooked the chicken while I cut up the veggies.  Then all of it went in a frying pan (chicken last) with olive oil, salt and pepper while the pasta cooked.  I cooked the pasta with a little oil in the water but other than that, the veggies were sort of like the "sauce."

Steve is not a mushroom fan so all of those got picked out and added to my plate.  :) Yum!!


Weekend Recap: Urban Pool Party!


On Saturday I didn't try very hard at anything.  Steve and I ran a few errands and I painted my nails.  On our way home with our veggie haul it started raining.  Of course it stopped right after we got home and were in the house.  Later we went out for nachos and then over to a friend's house for pizza and a movie.

Sallie Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
Dark Huemoor 571

 I have been looking for navy nail polish FOREVER.  I found it this weekend. :)


The weather was completely perfect for a pool party and conveniently we were invited to one!  Ha ha!  Luckily I wore a long sleeved shirt over there because it was not warm at 10pm when I was walking home.

This is not me in the water.  I am a wimp and never made it in past my waist.  I don't go all the way in until the end of the summer when the water is actually warm.

Don't worry, I have about a gallon of sunscreen on and I even reapplied after I got out of the water just to make sure my skin retains its blinding paleness! :)

I spent the afternoon in my bathing suit and this black mesh cover up.  It's just enough coverage so you don't feel creepy walking around with no clothes on but it still lets the sun get in to dry a wet bathing suit.  I tried to be classy by being super matchy with my fedora and black Old Navy flip flops.  The hat was a little hot because it's lined but that made it so I didn't need to put sunscreen on the part in my hair.  I burn SO easily I have to be really on top of that stuff!


Outfit of the Day: White and Navy

I'm feeling kind of preppy today in white capris and a navy top.  Now all I need are some boat shoes and I'll be all set for a day on a yacht...well, boat shoes and a yacht.

I really like this shirt but the buttons (or the button holes) are kind of stupid.  The buttons are kind of like tiny silver square studs, but they are rounded on top and are therefore slippery so the shirt pops open all the time even though it's a fairly relaxed fit.  It looks funny if I leave it unbuttoned so I use double sided fashion tape to hold it together.  I haven't been able to wear it for a while because I couldn't remember where I had put the tape but I found it the other day when I was organizing my closet! :)  There is a button on each of the cuffs as well, but I leave them undone.

My capris are a few years old but they are from Ann Taylor Loft.  They are really comfortable and they have held up and stayed white for a long time.  I think if you are going to buy white pants you should spend more money and get some that are well made with thick fabric so nothing shows through.

As it turns out taking selfies of my white pants on my phone in my bedroom on a rainy day is basically impossible.  Ha ha ha!

Here's a close-up of the pattern on the shirt.  There are actually polka-dots along the collar and where the buttons are but the rest of it is actually covered in little star bursts.

And here's a picture where I'm actually looking at the camera!  I'm just wearing sparkly studs and minimal makeup with this outfit.


Throwback Thursday: Short Hair

My hair is getting a little scraggly these days.  I keep thinking I want to do something with it but I haven't decided what to do yet.  Sometimes I think I want to color it but then I think about how I don't have any gray hair yet and I don't want to waste the natural color.  I know I need to get the dry split ends trimmed but I keep procrastinating because maybe I want a different style, I'm just not sure which one.

Two summers ago my hair was down to the middle of my back and I got it chopped really short in kind of an asymmetrical wedge style.  This was the shortest I've ever had it.  After letting it grow for a year I had it evened out last summer right before my wedding.  I only had the tiniest bit trimmed off the back and a huge chunk from the longer side in the front.  Now it's been almost another full year and I haven't even gotten it trimmed, which is terrible.  Well, I say terrible but my standard is to get it cut to just past my shoulders every August and that's it.

These pictures are kind of poor quality because they were taking on a flip phone that was already a dinosaur two years ago.  Ha ha ha!


Casual Wednesday: Sunshine and Green Nails

Can you see all of the pollen on my deck?!  Gross!
 I have spent most of the day out in the sun.  I ate my breakfast on the deck, I walked to buy some groceries, and then I was back on the porch painting my nails.  Our deck gets a pretty good blast of bright sun mid to late morning and then it's shady the rest of the day.  We have two giant trees blocking the afternoon sun, which is awesome, because if it weren't for them our house would be an oven.  This will be our first summer in this house so I'm still unsure of how hot it will be.  So far I've been able to keep the inside of the house pretty cool.  Although I checked the weather for the next (and last) 10 days of spring and it looks like it's going to get hot and probably stay that way, so we'll see.

Revlon Posh 571
I feel like I talk about the weather all the time but I think that's just a symptom of being a New Englander.  It fluctuates so much as we move from winter to summer and every day feels like a surprise, a trick, or an assault by Mother Nature.  Or all three.  My favorite weather is 70 degrees F and sunny (like today!!) but I think those perfect days are few and far between here.  Yesterday was dark and stormy, the next two days are supposed to be rainy and after that the temperature is supposed to hang out in the 80s.  Ugh.  Maybe I should start making ice for all of the cold drinks I'm going to want.

I am a fan of the Instagram selfie. :)
By the way, it is totally difficult to do anything on your phone in bright sunlight and with sunglasses on.  Ha ha!  I did come inside to take a break and write this post.  I'm also going to switch from shorts to long pants before I go back out later because my pale skin doesn't need THAT much sun.


Tasty Tuesday: Low Grains Day


I made a scramble with 2 eggs, chopped up bologna, and tomatoes and then put some Parmesan cheese on top.  I also had a piece of sprouted grain toast with peanut butter and honey on it.


My breakfast was pretty huge and I ate it a little later in the morning so it was more like brunch.  I wasn't actually hungry but I was feeling sleepy so I had a cup of coffee and a banana around 3pm.  I had a carrot cake Lara Bar because it was so late and I didn't want to be full when it was time to cook supper.


Truthfully I did not want this meal.  I took pork chops out of the freezer a few days ago but then didn't end up making them.  It was getting to the point where we really needed to cook them before they went bad.  The meat was cooked with an onion and two apples and then I steamed carrots.


I had a little bowl of Pomegranate Blueberry Sherbet and chocolate chips.  It was yummy and satisfying.

But then Steve brought out this box of chocolates so I ate some of those, too. :)


Weekend Recap: Eating Everything


During the day we went to a family birthday party.  It was sunny and hot but not humid so being out on the shady patio of a barbecue place was perfect.  I had chicken, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread.  Steve had all of that and a pulled pork sandwich.  I didn't take pictures of anything at the party because I was too busy catching up with lots of cousins.  :)

I did, however, take this really beautiful selfie while I was on the train on the way to the party.  As you can see it was warm enough that I didn't even need a sweater on the train and was actually happy for air conditioning, which I am usually against.

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning:

One of my friends and her husband picked us up from the party and we went to have a slumber party at their house!  This was the best because it made spending money and time on the train MORE worth it.  We stayed up late and watched a ridiculous movie so it was a legit slumber party.  In the morning we went to get brunch.  I got Belgian waffles with berries and an egg.  Then our friends were literally the nicest and drove us all the way home.  So no return train ride for us!


Steve and I played Lego Batman for most of the afternoon and then we watched a bunch of episodes of Archer.  We also ate a giant plate of bologna and cheese.  It was Amish made bologna that we just bought on vacation and it was soooo good!  I love bologna but pretty much never get it.

I also ate a bunch of cookies.

"life's too short to be bored"

We found this little piece of yarnbombing on the T on Saturday.  It's a good reminder.  :)