Weekend Recap: Memorial Day


 On Saturday I was at my grandparents house.  We ate chips and watched the hummingbirds fly around the garden as we sat on the deck and hoped the clouds would go away.  They didn't so we went inside to make supper.

 The shrimp and linguine was garlicky and only a little spicy despite the five jalapenos that were put in it.  After we were done digesting we had chocolate cream pie which I did not take a picture of because you can't take pictures of the inside of your belly and that's where my slice of pie went immediately after it hit my plate.



Cookout number 1:  This was a big party we went to with my husband's extended family.  People were playing badmitton and vollyball, kids were throwing giant frisbees, and there was even an inflatable jousting pit.  We basically just ate constantly all day long.

Of course I wore a white top so I was paranoid about dropping a meatball or dumping wine down my front but I was successful in staying clean.

The home that the party was at had a huge yard with a stream running behind it.  I found a few flowers growing in the shade along with some giant mushrooms back there.

They also had a pretty nice chicken coop so I spent some time standing next to it saying, "Hey chickens!" trying to get them to look at me.  They were not listening.  Ha ha!

At the end of the night this fire was lit with a giant blow torch.

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