Throwback Thursday: Harry Potter at Universal Orlando

Throwback to 2011 when I went to Hogwarts.  HA!  

The castle is huge.  The whole line was full of Harry Potter things to see and then once you got in there were costumes and sets and props.  I'm pretty sure I was actually squealing from excitement. 

Hagrid's house had a Hippogriff roller coaster next to it, which is the only one of the rides in this park that I did not go on.  One of the rides that I did go on made you sit in a wooden locker like you were on a sports team and it had walls separating you from the other 3 people in your group.  This ride was one of the terrible kind that makes your feet hang down into nothingness.  Then it was dark and it swung around and it was really awesome the entire time except that there was an incident with some Dementors and I might have closed my eyes and also might have cried/screamed.  When I got off the little girl who was sitting next to me, and who clearly did not have the incredible imagination that I possess, hopped off happily and then looked at me, the sniffling adult, as though I was insane.  Ha ha ha! I really do want to go back so that I can go on that ride again and actually experience the part that I missed.

The Hogwarts Express was just hanging out in Hogsmeade, like it does.

My favorite part about Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley were that even though it is perpetually winter you could totally wear shorts.  Because magic.

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