Minnetonka Moccasins

I went into a leather goods shop yesterday and there was a wall full of Minnetonka moccasins.  Since I knew that they are a thing and that some people get them in a bunch of colors I assumed that they'd be expensive.  They actually weren't.  I have been wearing these for most of the past 24 hours and my feet are loving it!

Minnetonka has been making moccasins since 1946, according to the nostalgic story full of Americana written inside of the box.  They are handmade and they stretch to fit your feet.  The sales lady told me to get a size smaller than I normally get because of the stretching.  They definitely run big anyway because I'm normally a 7 - 7.5 and the 7s were too big.  I got a size 6 and my toes are just bumping the front of the shoe but aren't squished at all.  If they stretch even a little I think that they will fit perfectly.

Kilty Suede Moc Hardsole - $42.95

Today the ground was a little wet because it has been raining on and off all day.  The soles are thick so the shoes stay dry, unlike the million pairs of flats I am usually wearing.

I also watched a video on the Minnetonka website that talked about the history of the company and showed clips of the manufacturing process with clips of people hand stitching these shoes.  Anyway, I really like my shoes and am completely happy to give Minnetonka some free advertising with this post.  :)

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