Cloudy Day

More clouds today!  I'm really looking forward to this long weekend with all of the cookouts and food that comes with it.  But for today I'm doing laundry and cleaning my house and pulling out clothes to wear to all of these official-unofficial start of summer parties.

The outfit in this post is from a few days ago but, if the sweater weren't hanging to dry right now, I could be wearing the same thing today.  I'm not really complaining about the weather because I'd rather have a gloomy spring day than a freezing winter day or a sweltering summer day any time.

My sweater is pretty thin and it isn't wool so it's only really warm if I'm using it as a layer.  The lack of sun recently makes it so I feel like I need long sleeves but don't need to put a tank top underneath.  It came from Nordstrom Rack (my favorite!).  My jeans are a kind of wide leg flared trouser style and they are pretty good for casual Fridays at work.  Mostly, when I wear them I reminisce about the 90s and when I used to wear gigantic flared pants that covered my feet completely.  Oh 90s.  I loved you. :)

This really comfy outfit camouflaging me in with the clouds felt a little boring, especially as it was also a no makeup day.  This awesome bow made it a little more exciting, although the color palette is still not very Spring-like.  Oh well.

Have a nice weekend!
(more colorful posts to follow...I can't help it!  I like black and gray!)

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